Together- We Did It!

As I’m sure you know by now, our live fundraiser last Thursday evening was a HUGE success. With the help of our generous supporters, and the touch of God, the $30,000 goal was EXCEEDED by $1,491.25! Together, we did it!

We were blessed with a very engaged viewership for the two-hour broadcast and it was a lot of fun for me as the host to interact with everyone. April Sharpe and Steve Dixon did a fabulous job as my co-hosts throughout the evening. There was lots of great discussion about our ministry.

We were all surprised at the response when my daughter, Sarah Sharpe, joined in. After she shared about her upcoming mission trip to Honduras, many people also gave generously to that need. Sarah just cried tears of joy. I think she now has all her mission trip money raised.

Several churches, businesses, and families joined in the giving and I realize that this was a big group effort. I am so thankful that the Lord touched many hearts and the giving was over the top again this year. To God be the Glory!

As always, the live fundraiser was held during our annual board of directors meeting. This year it was in Hilton Head, SC. A special thank you is due to our board members who worked so hard on this fundraiser.

Below are a few pictures from the fundraiser and the week in Hilton Head.

Growing Up With Unsheltered

Twin-Twin is a happy young boy whose life has been impacted by the Remada family who operate the Unsheltered International Philippines meal center in Dapitan City. In spite of the poverty he lives in, he attends the activities each week wearing a big smile.

Like far too many young children in the Philippines, Twin-Twin lives in poverty and food can so often be difficult to come by for his family. The reality is, many parents daily work only provides for food, and sometimes a very meager living. “Getting ahead” can be such a far away dream for families living in severe poverty that it’s simply not thought of much, or at all. Daily survival consumes the thoughts of mothers and fathers and becomes the driving force behind every decision.

Most of the children that we help in the street ministry and rescue center have come from families who are so desperate, they wind up making very poor choices. The parents can’t earn enough money for the family, so when the children are old enough, (sometimes as young as 7 or 8) they are sent into the streets to collect scrap that they can sell at the recycle shop. This effort earns enough money to purchase rice.

As if young kids being forced to work and miss school wasn’t bad enough, most of these vulnerable children will eventually be sucked into the darkness of street life. Older teenagers and sometimes adults, who have ill intentions, become their main influences on a daily basis. This leads to drug abuse, petty crimes, running away, and in some cases, prostitution and human trafficking.

The darkness that can come from severe poverty is truly heartbreaking. But even more heartbreaking is the spiritual darkness. It’s one thing to be poor and not see hope for a better life here on earth, but an entirely different thing to have no spiritual hope that Heaven is your true home. Most children that our team ministers to are being raised in this heart-breaking environmental of no hope.

That’s where we are making a difference.

Since 2017, Twin-Twin, and over 500 other children that out UIP family ministers to each week, is receiving hope. Our teachers not only serve a good meal and provide first aid, but most importantly, they teach the Bible and demonstrate how to know and love God. They give hope to the hopeless.

In 2018, our UIP team served 25, 293 meals in the meal centers and reported that 141 children trusted Christ as their Savior. The best part is that they strive to include the children and their families in their weekly church services. On Saturdays we go to them, and on Sundays we bring them to us. In other words, we are making disciples.

We are told in the scriptures that God’s Word will not return void, and we know that children, like little sponges, soak up everything they hear. Thankfully, they are hearing about the Lord and growing up with Unsheltered!

I certainly appreciate every one of our meal center sponsors and ministry partners and supporters. Together, we are making a difference, an eternal difference.

Full Report from the 2019 NOLA Revival

This past week we had the privilege to host our second winter revival for the unsheltered in New Orleans, LA. We had a great team of thirty three people who came from out of town and the Lord blessed in many unique ways.

There’s no way to fully express all the blessings and special things that God did throughout the week, but I want to share some highlights with you. Let’s start with the numbers.

A total of 242 guests come to the revival meetings. 186 of them were men and 56 were women.

  • 170 people received clothing.
  • 746 meals were served.
  • 195 people received hygiene products.
  • 77 people got haircuts.
  • 72 people received a new Bible.
  • 5 people received Christ as their Savior.
  • 600 + snacks bags were given away on the streets.
  • Several blankets, tents, jackets, etc were given.

Powerful preaching and testimonies

Our guest preacher was brother Clemon Chappell from Sunrise Baptist Church in Gary, IN. Clemon preached during all three services and did a fantastic job. Also preaching was Patrick Feistel, Terry Rodgers and Shannon Foote.

We also heard great testimonies from Tim Barbee and Howard Dye. Bothe of them are Unsheltered team members and they shared about how God lifted them from homelessness and drug abuse.

Visiting on the streets

Throughout the week. we split into four teams and hit the streets. During these times of visitation, we passed out snack bags and invited everyone we could to the revival services. This is always one of the most exciting parts of the trip.

Unusual spirit of prayer

During two of the revival meetings, we were blessed to really sense the presence of the Lord. I gave the invitation and dozens of people flooded the alters. Men and women were praying for God to help them in various ways. There is no doubt that many victories were won on the altars during these times.

The revival spilled over

One of the greatest testimonies came from a man named Keith. He came to the revival all week and on the last day he shared some great news. He told us that on Wednesday evening at the New Orleans Mission, twenty two people received Christ as their Savior. Then he told us that many of those people had been attending our revival. It just spilled over at the Mission.

You can watch a short video clip about this here.

Over and above

Several of our team went above the call of duty during the week. Some spent long hours, walking miles and miles to find people and invite them to the revival. Some went into the darkness of abandoned buildings. Some gave away their own Bibles to strangers. The picture below is the gentleman that Pat Feistel gave his Bible to.

I could go on and on about how hard our team worked and how much God did. But I will just tell you that God showed himself mighty all week long!

Thanks to everyone who prayed and worked on this event!

Ministry Update 2-1-19

This week has been a busy one! We have been getting everything ready for our big winter revival for the unsheltered in New Orleans that will begin this Sunday morning. I am so thankful for the great facility that God has given us to work in here at our new warehouse in Cullman, AL.

We have been loading the trailers and thanks to the new warehouse, we have a heated space to do that in.

Please pray for our team of thirty five people as we descend upon New Orleans next week. Our emphasis will be preaching and encouraging the people on the streets to come to Christ. What some people may not realize is that many homeless people are Christians. They are struggling to make ends meet and are in desperate need for fellowship, instruction and encouragement. We plan to provide as much of that as we can in order to strengthen our brothers and sisters as well as throw the lifeline to those who are not yet believers.

One way that you can help us is to pray for our upcoming Facebook Live Fundraiser that we are having on Thursday March, 7th. This is our push to raise as much money as we can to help keep everything operating, keep our trucks rolling and keep preaching the gospel. Simply stated, we need all of our supporters to be super generous and help us next month to reach, or even exceed our goal of $30,000.00.

This year, my mom, Suzie Greene has joined with us to make phone calls telling about the fundraiser and soliciting support. Her goal is to get pledges before the March fundraiser happens. Mom worked with me for many years in Augusta, GA at the Garden City Rescue Mission and she is a true servant of the Lord.

In the last couple of years, mom has not been able to do much because she has been caring for my step-dad who has Alzheimers. They have had a very difficult time to say the least. But mom is a warrior. She is excited to be able to work with us on the fundraiser and do her part to serve. Please pray for her as she makes the calls and talks about our ministry to current and potential supporters. And if you see a Florida number on your caller ID, be sure to answer and encourage her! Here is a picture of mom and my step-dad Ray.

If you would like mom to call and speak with you personally, just reply to this email with you phone number and I will have her get in touch. Last year, several people made very large, sacrificial gifts to the ministry and we were so appreciative of that. Several people also gave $25 or $50 gifts. Every gift, no matter how large or small is a blessing and they enable us to help more and more people come to know Christ.

Thank you in advance for your gift and if you would like to learn more about the fundraiser, just click right here.



Travis Sharpe

Ministry Update 1-24-19

New Spanish Sunday School lessons available

I’m happy to announce that we have had our one-year children’s Sunday School Curriculum translated into Spanish and it is now available on our website for free to all missionaries and churches.

This simple, yet very theologically thought through lesson plan is complete with memory verses, pictures, songs, a first aid guide, and instructions. We have found it extremely useful on the mission field in the Philippines so we wanted to share it with others.

Here’s a picture of one of our teachers using the material in the Philippines

To download this 177 page lesson plan, visit this page on our website. You can also feel free to share this with friends or missionaries who might be able to use it. On the website, it’s also available in English.

Winter Revival for the Unsheltered coming soon

Our winter revival for the Unsheltered will kick off on February 2nd in New Orleans. I hope you will join us in prayer as our team of 33 people will seek to love and help the unsheltered during that time.

Pastor Clemon Chappell from Gary, IN will be our guest preacher for the week and God always blesses his dynamic preaching. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates form the revival.

Facebook Live Fundraiser

Our live fundraiser is getting closer! It will be broadcast on Thursday evening March, 7th from 7-9 pm eastern time. This is our big fundraiser for the year and we are asking all of our friends and supporters to give in a sacrificial way to help us reach our goal of $30,000. That’s a big goal but we serve a great big God!! Be on the lookout for more information.

You can click here to read more about this special fundraiser.

Thank God for the gift!

This precious picture was sent to me by Mrs. Rachel Remada who is one of the pastor’s wives in the Philippines. Her and her husband operate one of our meal centers and they gave gifts to the children during Christmas.

She said that the boy was so happy to receive these new slippers that he didn’t want to put them on because they would get dirty. (He probably has never had a new pair.) But the best part was that the lesson they taught the children that day was about thankfulness. This boy held these slippers tight and prayed, thanking God for the gift!

A thanks to you

As always, thank you for reading our updates and praying for our ministry. God has truly blessed us and we seek to be a blessing in return!

Facebook Live Fundraiser



We are excited about our upcoming fundraiser that will be broadcast live via facebook. This special two-hour event is going to be a time where we share about our ministry and ministry needs. We are asking God for $30,000 on that day which will help us feed, clothe and preach to many people who are in need. Travis and April Sharpe will be the hosts along with pastor Steve Dixon and they are looking forward to sharing stories from their time in the Philippines and other missionary adventures.

Also joining in on the broadcast will be some of our board of directors and the Sharpe children, Hunter and Sarah. It will be broadcast on Travis’s Facebook page so if you’re not friends with him yet, go ahead and send a request today! Please be in prayer about how you can help us reach our goal.

How to Watch

This event will be broadcast via Facebook live video on Travis Sharpe’s Facebook profile. We will share it to the Unsheltered International Facebook page also.

  • Send brother Travis  friend request if you are not already Facebook friends.
  • Go to the Unsheltered International Facebook page and Click “like” and “follow”.
  • The date and time is Thursday, March 7th from 7pm-9pm EST.

How to Donate

There are three easy ways to give during the live broadcast:

  • Call in with your credit or debit card- phone numbers will be on the screen during the broadcast.
  • Text- “give” to 256-579-1571 and follow the instructions to donate via text message.
  • Make your donation right here on our website by clicking here.
  • You can donate anytime before the live broadcast and your gift will count toward the goal.

How to Spread the Word

  1. Share our Facebook posts from Travis’s profile or the Unsheltered International page during the weeks leading up to the broadcast.
  2. Forward our emails to your friends. Not our our email list? Click here to sign up.
  3. During the event, like and share the video, comment to let others know you are watching, participate in the question and answer times.

Other details about the broadcast

  • Travis and April will be the hosts along with pastor Steve Dixon. Several of our team will be contributing with some “on-air” time.
  • We plan to tell some exciting stories from the mission field, give lots of updates and even answer questions from viewers.
  • Our goal is to raise $30,000 during the two-hour live broadcast.
  • We will be broadcasting from our board of directors meeting in Hilton Head, SC.
  • The money raised during the broadcast will be used for our USA resource clinics and our Philippines homeless ministry as well as other projects.
  • Hunter and Sarah Sharpe will be appearing to talk about missions from a teenagers perspective.

Click here to donate now 

Don’t Forget


During the live broadcast on Thursday, March 7th from 7-9 pm eastern time.

A few examples of how your donations are being used to help people in need

Your gift will help us continue to bring God glory through preaching the gospel and helping people in need.

Click here to donate now.

Live Fundraiser Announcement

I have some great news that I wanted to share with you. We have scheduled our second annual live fundraiser and it is only two months away! Last year was very successful and the Lord blessed us with over $23,000 that we put directly into our ministry.

The success of that fundraiser had such a positive impact on our 2018 ministry that we were able to accomplish several great things such as:

  • Give special financial gifts to five other homeless ministries
  • Fully fund two of our seven resource clinics
  • Expand our Philippines homeless ministry
  • Make much needed repairs to equipment in the Philippines ministry

After last year’s success, our board of directors decided to make the live fundraiser in the first quarter of each year our biggest fundraiser that we do. It was successful because the Lord blessed it, our entire board of directors got involved and everyone gave generously.

This year our goal is to raise $30,000 at the live fundraiser on Thursday, March 7th. For that to happen, we will need to pray hard and give generously as unto the Lord.

Here are the details about the broadcast

  • The date and time is Thursday, March 7th, from 7-9 EST.
  • It will be a Facebook live video broadcast from our board of directors meeting in Hilton Head, SC
  • It will be on Travis’s Facebook page (send me a friend request if we’re not already friends)
  • Travis and April will be the hosts along with Pastor Steve Dixon.
  • We plan to tell some exciting stories from the mission field, give lots of updates and even answer questions from viewers.
  • Our goal is to raise $30,000.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing how to donate and get involved more. Thank you so much for being a part of our ministry and praying for the Lord’s provision. This is an exciting and challenging task for a very worthy cause.

Ministry Update 12-19-18

I hope this update finds you doing well and ready for Christmas. We are within one week now so it’s almost time to start the shopping. Well, for us guys, we will start promptly on the 24th I guess!

I wanted to let you know what we were up to this week so here goes.

Our Philippines team has been busy with the rescue center, street outreach and meal centers. They have added another night to the rescue center ministry so now they are open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

This ministry is going great and we are so happy that it is expanding. You can read more about this ministry that rescues children from the streets by clicking here.
Off season repairs and preparation

It is currently our “off season” as far as resource clinics go and that means maintenance time and preparing for the coming year of ministry that will begin in April. This week I had lots of suspension and brake work done on one of our trailers and we also purchased a new set of tires.

We have been blessed with some new-to-us kitchen equipment so we will be converting this 16’ trailer into a dedicated food service trailer for the resource clinics and in-state mission trips. After the new year I will pull the trailer into our warehouse and we will begin refitting it for that purpose.

We also got another big semi trailer moved to our warehouse property and are using it to store the boxes of clothing that we will use throughout the year. It’s all separated by size and gender.

Here’s another great way we are growing. Tim Barbee has been busy getting all of the insurance, DOT numbers and everything else that is necessary to put the semi truck that was donated to us on the road. Hopefully it will all be finished up and we will be ready to roll with it by the first week of February.

Gearing up for New Orleans

Our trip to New Orleans is February 2-7 and all the spots are now full. Our volunteers have been very busy here at our warehouse on Tuesdays and Wednesdays making up snack bags and sorting clothing to take with us.

We are excited about this upcoming trip and our local volunteers have done a fantastic job getting us ready with supplies.

New Years Eve Party

Our New Years Eve party is right around the corner and it’s going to be lots of fun.

I hope you will join us for this. It will be an open house event so we can show you our new facilities that we moved into this year. We want you to be familiar with where we are and see how God has blessed us this year! There will be lots of food and fun stuff throughout the evening so please join us.

Prayer requests
I ministered to five people here in Cullman this week who were sleeping in cars. Please pray for their safety and for a home.

Please pray for new sponsors for our rescue center. You can learn more about that need here.
Our second annual Facebook Live fundraiser is coming up on March 7th. Please begin to pray with us for God’s great provision through this.

April has been battling migraines the past two weeks and she really needs healing.

Thank you

Many of you have been giving lately and we appreciate your generosity. Thank you for sharing in the Lord’s work!

New Years Eve Party!

This New Years Eve we are having a party and You’re invited!

We will be gathering together with family, friends and ministry partners to ring in the new year with lots of food and fun. Because we are always on the go, we wanted to have this get together and spend the afternoon and evening with you!

Brother Howard Dye, who is our board chairman and also happens to be a professional caterer, is preparing some delicious food. He will be fixing his famous catfish stew and chicken and dumplings! The senior group from Temple will be bringing great desserts and others are bringing lots of finger foods. There will be plenty to eat and we need you to come enjoy it with us.

As the evening goes on, I (Travis) will be giving a short presentation about our accomplishments this year and sharing some of our future plans. This will be a great time to learn all about the ministry of Unsheltered International and what we do.

There will be a big bon-fire and we will have lots of fireworks late in the evening to celebrate the new year. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Kids, adults, just bring the whole family.

This is all going down at the new warehouse and headquarters that we have been working on this year and it’s going to be an open house of sorts. You can take the tour and see how we collect and distribute donations, see our semi-trailer that we take to the resource clinics and much more. We have lots of our regular volunteers and workers that will be here so it will be a fun party and also informative about our mission.

Please RSVP by emailing us at, or calling us at 256-385-1679.

The address is 479 County Road 827 Cullman, AL. That’s out Why 278 west in the Bethel community for those of you familiar with the area. Here’s a picture of the warehouse so you know what to look for.

We will get started eating around 6pm and the party will last up until about midnight. I hope you will join us and ring in the new year praying for the Lord to do great and mighty things through the ministry of Unsheltered International.

5 Ways We Are Making A Difference

I can hardly believe that we get to do the things that we do through the ministry of Unsheltered International. God is blessing in amazing ways and I am glad to be a small part of HIS agenda! Thanks to our ministry partners and generous supporters, the gospel is being preached and people are being helped. Today, I’d like to share five ways that is happening.

Through our street ministry God is bringing hope.

Every week, our Filipino team hits the streets of Bacolod City with a simple meal of rice soup and lots of compassion. They make several stops through the city to feed and pray with children and adults who are unsheltered. The soup is served in cups but the love is served through prayer, soul-winning and first aid. Learn more

Through the rescue center, God is giving a better connection.


Every Friday evening (and soon to be Tuesday also) the same team brings the children and adults to our rescue center where they can take a bath, receive new clothes, have a better meal and join in a worship service with singing and preaching. Learn more

Through the resource clinics, we are preaching the gospel to the unsheltered


This year, we partnered with seven different churches here in the US to conduct resource clinics where we preach to hundreds of people who live on the streets or in other comprimised situations. Valuable resources like medical care, haircuts and counseling are also given throughout the day. Learn more

Through our mentoring and ministry, missionaries are being helped.


I just returned from Albania a couple weeks ago where we were able to visit with four hard-working missionaries and teach them about ministering to people who are vulnerable and even despised in their community. We helped by giving a blueprint on how to move forward with a ministry to the gypsies that will eventually be turned into a new church. Learn more

Through the meal centers, God is caring for hundreds of children each week.


In the Philippines, Burma and Honduras, our meal centers are reaching over 600 children each week. We feed them and teach Bible lessons and also care for minor (and sometimes major) medical issues. Our partners who lead these meal centers are dedicated and compassionate and the children have no doubt that they are loved. Learn more

There are other ways too.

These five activities are the main things going on right now but we also preach in mission conferences, do mission trips, help start other ministries and help the homeless in our own hometown. Thank you for partnering with us and praying for our team as we try our best to send the gospel light where God has called us. Without you, it wouldn’t happen. Most of all, we thank God for his provision and guidance.

To God be the glory!