Ministry Update 11-12-18

Today I’m writing from the Republic of Albania. Pastor Robbie Burton from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Abbeville, SC graciously paid for my trip so that I could help the missionaries that his church has sent to this unique  country in the Balkin region of Southeast Europe. Brother Robbie and I went to Bible College together so it has been great to spend this time with him. Their church has been focusing much of their missionary efforts here in Albania and they are making a huge impact.

Missionary Daxell Wells arrived with his family in Albania in March of 2018 and his main objective is to plant churches among the Roma Gypsie people. This people group is looked down upon and despised by almost everyone else in this region of the world. They travel often and live in makeshift encampments in dire poverty.

We have visited two gypsie camps so far. At the first one, Missionaries Aaron Wilson and Tim Lord came with us. They played guitars and we all sang Albanian songs together. It was humbling to sing with these precious people. I was able to give valuable insights about ministering to marginalized people. We discussed the importance of the gospel and the impact that an on-going discipleship based ministry can have. We also discussed principles that guide us as we minister to people in poverty-stricken areas.

One family showed us their living quarters. They reside in an old ampitheatre that is still standing, but very unsafe. There is rubbish everywhere from what used to be walls and buildings. Their bedrooms are in smaller rooms that leak profusely when it rains.

We are training Daxell and equipping him to start  meal centers at the gypsie camps. The idea is to begin with our meal center ministry, then progress to an adult Bible study, and then that will be the catalyst of a new church plant. We have seen this model be successful in the Philippines and we believe it will be a great way to compassionately help here while also beginning new churches. Please pray for this exciting new adventure and for the Wells family as they work hard to promote the gospel to these precious people.

Today we are going on a six hour journey to look at other towns and villages that don’t have churches. With us on this trip is brother Sam Hull, who has surrendered to missions in Albania. He is in the planning and preparation stage and surveying these potential areas.

Thanks so much for your prayers and partnership as we promote the gospel among some of the most marginalized and despised people in the world. I recall the words of the Lord Jesus when he said “I came to seek and to save that which is lost.”Thank you for helping us as we seek to ensure that they hear the good news!

Report From New Orleans Resource Clinic

What a great weekend here in NOLA! Here is the full report.


We were blessed to once again partner with Pastor Terry Rodgers of Terrytown Family Baptist Church right here in New Orleans. Terry ministers each week to the unsheltered and we come to support his ministry. It’s a good partnership because we help him have a BIG outreach and then he follows up with the people when we are gone.

We want to extend a BIG thank you to all of our hard working leadership team and volunteers who came out to make today’s event happen. These awesome events truly are team efforts and we are thankful that God has blessed us with faithful servants who love people. Also, special thanks to the local churches here in the Augusta area that gave and served to make today possible.


Pastor Terry Rodgers preached a fantastic message and Temple Baptist Church from Fairview, AL provided the music.




This picture captured my heart because it embodies what we are all about. Coming alongside the hurting and helping them to Jesus.



Here are some of the groups who made the day happen

Exit 0- Jeffersonville, IN
Sardis Lake Baptist- Sardis, MS
Parkway Baptist- Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Mount Pleasant Baptist- Susan Moore, AL
Temple Baptist- Fairview, AL
Unity Baptist- Ripley, MS
Terrytown Family Baptist
Grace Baptist- Marrero, LA

Here’s a total of today’s results

Attendance- 119
Volunteers- 155
Hygiene- 92
Lunch bags (filled with snacks)- 120
Birth certificates- 18
Clothing- 85
Reading glasses- 67
Bibles- 50
Haircuts- 31
Medical care- 42
Meals- 149

Here are a few pictures. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for many more great pictures!





Help needed for New Orleans

Next weekend, our ministry team, partner ministries, and a host of volunteers will be in New Orleans, LA for our annual resource clinic for the Unsheltered. Once again we will partner with Pastor Terrytown Family Baptist Church, Cosmopolitain Evangelistic Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church to hold this much anticipated event.

On Friday, some of our leaders, along with Exit 0, will be ministering on the streets meeting practical needs and inviting people to the big event the next day. The resource clinic will begin early on Saturday morning and conclude late in the afternoon. We will be providing food and clothing, hair cuts, medical assistance and many more vital resources.

We will be joined by Temple Baptist Church from Fairview, AL along with some other churches from out of state. They areaways a blessing and help during the labor-intensive resource clinics. The very best part will be the singing and preaching. The choir from Temple will be leading the singing and Pastor Terry Rodgers will bring the message.

These resource clinics are always a boost for the local church that we partner with. In fact, last year the church attendance doubled in the weeks after the event. We care about what happens after the big day is over and that’s why we always work in conjunction with a local church. They will be there long after we are gone.

We need your help

Since we don’t receive funds from the government, (and we don’t want to), we rely upon the generosity of God’s people to make these important events possible. We will minister to over 300 unsheltered and broken people next week and I have to tell you that it’s not cheap!

Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will go a long way to help us make a difference next weekend. Please pray and consider a generous gift to help us provide the meal and resources that are so desperately needed by those whom we will serve.

$20 will provide one birth certificate.
$10 will provide two meals.

$500 will help us transport our 53’ semi trailer that hauls all of the supplies.

You can click here to give online.

Thank you for your support as we strive to preach the gospel and make a difference!

Ministering to Body and Soul by Travis Sharpe

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of the importance of our missionary endeavors among some of the poorest children in the Philippines. One of the unique things about our ministry is that we ministry to the body and soul. In other words, we care for physical needs as well as spiritual needs. And the rewards are wonderful.

Sometimes, it takes an act of kindness in order to open the door to someones heart. Such was the case with Jossel, a ten-year old boy whom our team found with a severe foot wound. He lives in a small village where Pastor Jezer and his church family operate one of our Unsheltered International Philippines meal centers. He is very shy, and would not attend the meal center activities and Bible study until our team helped him with his wound.Their compassion opened his little heart.

This wound was caused by a machette style knife that he was using while working in a rice field. He accidentally sliced it into his foot. However, like many families who are extremely poor, no medical help was sought. When our teachers found him, the wound was packed with mud and it was severely  infected.

Filled with compassion, the teachers brought him back to the church so that the pastor’s wife,  Sister Russell, could use the first aid kit to help.

They washed his feet with boiled guava leaves to clean everything, then applied betadine and antibiotic ointment. Lastly, they wrapped it up in a clean new bandage.

Although Jossel is ten years old, he is only in the first grade. Plus, when he hurt his foot and was having trouble walking, his father was going to take him out of school. Thankfully, our team was there to lovingly help him. Since then, he has attended the church and began to participate in the meal center and Bible study.

Please pray with us that Pastor Jezer, his wife, and the teachers can continue to make a difference in Jossel’s life as well as the many other children they minister to on a weekly basis.

To learn more about our meal centers and how you can get involved, click here!

Here are more pictures of Jossel that our team sent me!

Ministry Update 10-1-18

Today, I have an update and some information about what’s coming up.

April and I spent the week here in Canton, Ohio at Fellowship Baptist Church. We were honored to be a part of their annual missions conference. I preached on Friday evening and the other services were filled with other great missionary families. Special thanks to Pastor Tim Brown for the invitation and the church family for their hospitality.

This coming Thursday we will be in Barnwell, SC with Pastor Robert Altman at Bethany Baptist Church for their Revival. We are honored to be the guest missionary family for that evening. From there, we will go to Canvas Church with Pastor Bryan Townsend On Sunday. I covet your prayers as we travel and serve.

Volunteer Opportunity

If you live in or near Cullman, AL we could use your help in our warehouse. Every Tuesday morning from 8-12, we have volunteers who come and sort through donations, pack boxes to ship out, clean and do other needed jobs. If you would like to help, you can contact myself (by replying to this email), or contact Melvin Hunter at 256-565-1810.


Expansion opportunity

Recently, while I was in the Philippines, we had a board of directors meeting and the Lord really blessed that meeting. One highlight was listening as our Filipino partners told of the great success they have had in the Friday night rescue center ministry.

In fact, the Friday night ministry to the street children has gone so well, they want to add another night every week. This ministry is effective because we bring the children to our rescue center where they get a meal, a shower, new clothes and a church service. All this is done in a controlled environment where we are able to really connect with the children and make a difference in their lives.

This picture I took while I was there a couple weeks ago shows some of the staff working hard to serve a great meal to the kids. The second picture is Pastor Ricky singing with them.

Please help us pray for God’s provision as we seek to expand. It takes about $170 per week to operate currently and it will take an additional $125 per week to add the additional night on Mondays.

Mission trip to New Orleans next year

We have a great trip planned for February 2-7 2019. Our Winter Revival for the Unsheltered in New Orleans is always wonderful and we already have several people signed up. Space is limited for this trip so you need to sign up early. Click here for all the details.

Current needs

We do have some very urgent financial needs at this time. We have done more this year than ever before as far as growing and giving goes. This, coupled with having just come through the summer months which are always tough for donations, have left us with some real urgent needs for donations to get us through the end of the year.

Please consider a generous gift to Unsheltered and give as God directs. I have listed the convenient ways to donate below.

Thanks and God bless,

Travis Sharpe

Ways to donate

By mail- Checks can be made payable to Unsheltered International and mailed to:
Unsheltered International
PO Box 2625
Cullman, AL 35066
Online- We use PayPal as our online payment host but you don’t need a PayPal account to donate, just a debit/credit card. Just visit and use the donate button on the home page.
By text- You can text “give” to 256-579-1571.
Gifts in kind- We accept donations of clothing, toiletry items, etc. Also vehicles and other items that can be re-sold and the profits put into the ministry. Our warehouse address is 479 Co And 827 Cullman, AL 35077. Items can be brought there.
The Sharpe family- is supported by churches (and some families) through missionary support. That support is different from monies given to Unsheltered. We receive our family support through our mission board which is Baptist Missions To Forgotten Peoples, Inc. PO Box 37043 Jacksonville, FL 32236.
More information- Email me at with any questions or for further information.

Ministry Update 8-31-18 by Travis Sharpe

Here in the Philippines

Sarah and I are now in our second week of our one month stay and we are so happy to be here with our friends and ministry family. As always, ministry here is very busy and there are heartbreaking encounters almost weekly. Last night, while out on the street ministry, we came across a baby girl named Desiree. She sleeps on the streets with her family and her mother showed us a pretty severe boil on her neck.

Although these type of problems are common here, I was still shocked when I first saw it. Here was this precious little girl who lives is such dismal conditions and she had this awful infection that obviously caused her much pain. Our team is in the process of getting her medical treatment but even that is not always easy. For example, the constant rain today has caused this family to seek shelter in another area and without a phone, they are hard to find. Please help us pray that we are able to get her the treatment that she desperately needs.

Another young man had some serious sores on his feet which sister Lovely was quick to treat by cleaning and applying peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment. Besides the fact that treatments like this really help, it also shows the children that we really care about them.

Rescue Center

Tonight we have our Friday night rescue center ministry where we bring children and adults from the streets to our rescue center so they can bathe, eat and enjoy preaching and worship. This is a very unique ministry because of the many different people who attend. Last week there were people who are involved in prostitution, transgender lifestyles, drug addiction and more. Through this ministry our Filipino team is getting the gospel into some very dark places where Satan truly has people bound in sin. We believe that the gospel is their only hope so we reach out in love on a weekly basis.

Next week

We have a mission team of twelve people from Alabama and Georgia who will join us next week. We will be working in our various ministries as well as distributing Bibles and holding evangelistic crusades. Please pray for the safe travel of this team and for the Lord to bless their efforts with many souls saved.

Coming up

Our resource clinic team will be in Greenville, TN on September 15th to conduct our sixth event for 2018. We are partnering with Eastside Baptist Church and Pastor David Foxx to bring help and hope to their community. Brother Denny Mitchell and brother Steve Dixon are leading this clinic and our team is excited to serve the Greenville, TN area for the very first time. Please pray for a great event and for people to receive the Lord as a result. For more information about this, email Denny at

Lots of work being done at Unsheltered warehouse

Each Tuesday from 8am-12pm a group of volunteers gather at our warehouse in Cullman, AL to work sorting clothes, packing boxes and whatever else needs to be done. Melvin and Vonda Hunter are leading this effort and doing a great job. If you want to know more about helping, call Melvin Hunter at 256-565-1810. They need weekly help and you would be an answer to prayer!

We are also accepting donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletry items, etc. These items can be dropped off anytime by using our drop box on the front of the building. The address is 479 CR 827 Cullman, AL.

Current needs

Right now the biggest need in the US ministry is funding for the last two resource clinics of this year. (Greenville, TN and New Orleans) The total need is about $7000. Donate online here.

The most pressing need in the Philippines ministry is help with our Friday night rescue center ministry. It currently cost about $100 per week to provide the meal, clothing, medicine and transportation that we provide. Donate online here.

Donate by text message

You can also donate to our ministry via text. Text “give” to 256-579-1571 and follow the simple instructions when you get the reply message. It is very quick and easy! You can even save your information so that the next time you text a donation it is even faster.

2019 mission trip opportunities

February 2-7 2019 Winter Revival for the Unsheltered in New Orleans. Space is limited for this trip so you need to sign up early. Click here for all the details.

April 2019 Pastor Todd Crusenberry will be leading a medical mission team to Dapitan City in the Philippines. We need a doctor and some nurses as well as general participants. This will be a great trip led by a seasoned pastor who has led many trips to the Philippines in the past. More information coming soon.

2019 NOLA Mission Trip

Winter Revival for the Unsheltered 2019 New Orleans, LA



We are excited to announce a special mission trip to New Orleans, LA February 2-7 2019. Once again we will partner with Pastor Terry Rodgers to reach the homeless community with the gospel. This unique mission trip opportunity will be unforgettable in many ways. You don’t want to miss it!

We will be having a special three day revival that is specifically for the people of New Orleans who are living on the streets and in the missions. We hope to encourage them with powerful singing and preaching each day. There will also be organized opportunities for everyone to minister out on the streets and under the bridges as we invite people to the revival and provide for their basic needs.

Pastor Clemon Chapell from Sunrise Baptist Church in Gary, IN will be preaching and music will be provided by Frankie Cleveland Ministries during the services! You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful Spirit-filled time!

The cost of the trip is $425 per person and there are only 30 spots available. The cost will cover your lodging and most of your meals. You will still have opportunities to have some meals on your own in New Orleans!

A few more details

  • You are responsible for getting to New Orleans and your transportation when you are there.
  • All of your lodging and most of you meals are covered with the price of the trip.
  • Children under 18 are welcome but they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A $75 non-refundable deposit is due by October 31st to hold your spot. Remaining balance is due by January 4th.
  • Our lodging will be at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary dormitories. You need to bring twin size bedding, towels and all toiletries.

How to register

To register, email Travis Sharpe at Send your name, date of birth, address, phone number, home church and pastor’s name.

Payment information

Important: space is very limited so sign up today!

Trip cost: $425

$75 non-refundable deposit is needed to hold your spot.

Balance is due by January 1st.


To pay by check, make check payable to Unsheltered International and mail to:

Unsheltered International

NOLA mission trip

PO Box 2625

Cullman, AL 2625

To pay now online:

Click here to pay full trip cost now.


Click here to pay any amount now.


Below is the preliminary schedule:

Saturday February 2nd- Groups arrive  (no scheduled activities, just arrive) You are on your own for meals that day.

Sunday 3rd

  • Breakfast and service at Terrytown Family Baptist Church. Sampson Family will be singing.
  • Lunch after service (provided by UI)
  • Free after lunch, no more activities for the day

Monday 4th

  • Groups on their own for breakfast.
  • 9 am- Meet at Shiloh Christian Fellowship Church to set up.
  • 11 am-3pm homeless outreach. We will split into groups of 6-10 and go out to pass out snack bags and invite people to the revival which will start the next day.
  • Groups on their own for lunch
  • 6 pm- Dinner at Grace Baptist Church with special message from Pastor Shannon Foote

Tuesday 5th

  • Breakfast at church at 9am. (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources (provided by UI)
  • Homeless outreach after lunch until 4pm
  • Dinner at 6pm at Shiloh Christian Church or Dorms (provided by UI)

Wednesday 6th

  • Breakfast at church at 9am. (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources (provided by UI)
  • Homeless outreach after lunch until 4pm

Thursday 7th

  • Breakfast at church at 9am. (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources (provided by UI)
  • Everyone is free after cleanup following lunch


Our team lodging will be at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

This is a beautiful campus that is safe and secure. They have their own police force and security force and it is a retreat in the middle of the city. Our entire group will be in the Nelson Price dormitory.



The revival services will be held at Shiloh Christian Fellowship.

They are opening up their facilities for us to use and we appreciate their partnership very much. This church is located in a great area for our revival. It is a short van ride or walk for the unsheltered. Travis met with Pastor Michael Raymond on October 22nd and he is happy to assist us.



For more information email Travis Sharpe at


Pictures from the 2018 trip








Additional pictures from our ministry trips to New Orleans


Augusta Resource Clinic Results

We had a wonderful day here in Augusta, GA at Garden City Rescue Mission. Today’s resource clinic was truly a blessing for everyone we served as well as the of us who were busy doing the serving.



The director of the Mission, brother Patrick Fiestel, did a great job of having the facilities in tip-top shape when we arrived. Many of the men who are on the program at the Mission worked all day helping us set up and run things. The Lord was so gracious in all of it!


There were dozens of prayer request cards filled out and our evangelism team counseled and prayed with each one. Please pray for the people represented on these prayer request cards.



We want to extend a BIG thank you to all of our hard working leadership team and volunteers who came out to make today’s event happen. These awesome events truly are team efforts and we are thankful that God has blessed us with faithful servants who love people. Also, special thanks to the local churches here in the Augusta area that gave and served to make today possible.

Here’s a total of today’s results

Salvations- 5
Attendance- 121
Volunteers- 114
Food boxes- 55
Hygiene- 58
Lunch bags-
Birth certificates- 14
Clothing- 68
Reading glasses- 47
Bibles- 34
Haircuts- 39
Medical care- 34
Meals- 250

Here are a few pictures. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for lots of great pictures!

Augusta Resource Clinic Volunteer Information

Welcome Volunteers!


We are excited that you have joined us for the resource clinic here in Augusta at Garden City Rescue Mission. It’s going to be great and God is going to do great things!



Below you will find the different job assignments. Please look for your name and take note of the area we have you assigned to work. If you do not see your name, don’t worry, Travis Sharpe will plug you in when you get there in the morning.

There are some helpful notes at the bottom of this page so please read it all!


Here is the list of volunteer positions feminine 


Person in charge- Steve Battles and April Sharpe

Jennifer Limerick

Ginny Rochester


Birth certificates

Person in charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Michael McAllister

Sarah Sharpe

Macie Burgin


Reading glasses

Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Jay Widener

Eric Milford

Katie Beth Milford



Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Adam Widener

Cathy Arnold

Susan Pardue

Pam Peoples

James Malpass




Person in charge- Chris and Lisa Russell

Host- Johnny Rockefeller

Susan Hunter

Ann Hanson

Kelly Powell

Kallie Grace Powell

Penny Reese

Jennifer Hillman




Person in charge- Denny Mitchell

Mike Reese

Robbie Mcclelland

Michael John Rochester

John George

Chad Widener

Cliff Thomas

Helen Thomas




Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Michael Schiebel

Will Schiebel

Jonathan Schiebel

Matthew Schiebel

Ron Darnell


Drink Station 1

Michelle Kent

Jullie Hullum

Melissa Murrah

Drink Station 2

Crystal Widener

Leslie Widener

Abi Widener



Person in charge- Mark and Jennifer Helms

Host- Mark Helms

Jennifer Helms

Amanda Smith

Megan Helms

Melissa Widener



Person in charge- Howard Dye

Savannah McConnell

Emilee McAllister

Ginger Ombler

Kim Kearby

Jennifer Rockefeller

Baylie Rockefeller

Cam Rockefeller

Jackson Rockefeller

Lucas Rockefeller

Rick Krugner



Person in charge- Howard Dye/Shaun Taylor


Food Plating

Person in charge- Howard Dye/Shaun Taylor

Keith Mravlja

May Brown

Alexia Crespin

Donna Krugner



Kenny Marr Family


Person in Charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Judy Hanson

Kayla Malpass

Alyssa Case



Person in charge- Kim Battles

Jennifer Mravlja

Amanda Miller

Karen McCartney



Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Nanay Wiggins

Myra Parrish

Bobby Grover

Rick Hollar


Trailer transport

Tim Barbee


Face painting/Nails

Person in charge-

Kasie Newman

Melonie Garrett

Rochester girls


Care Givers

Person in Charge- Howard Dye

Christian Malpass

Megan Syneberg

Emili Goedell


Set Up/Tear Down

Person in charge- Tim Barbee

Jesse Mickle

Larry Mickle

Hunter Sharpe


Joe Brown

Men from Garden City Rescue Mission


Special Notes

The address for the resource clinic is:

Garden City Rescue Mission

828 Fenwick St

Augusta, GA



Arrival Time for Saturday morning

Please arrive no later than 9:30 am. If you are assigned to work in registration, please be there by 8:30. We will begin setting things up at 7:30 am so anytime after that is fine to arrive. If you want to help with setting up the tents, chairs, etc, be there as early as possible.


When you arrive

The first thing you should do when you arrive (at the resource clinic site) is go to the registration tent and register. You will give your name and also receive a name tag. After that, you can help with with setting up.


Pre-event meeting

We will have a meeting at 10:30 am. We will give some final instructions and then you will go to your station to receive instructions from the person in charge of your area.


When you will eat lunch

All volunteers need to eat lunch before the event officially begins. The time for this is 11-11:45. There will be a designated area for you to eat lunch that is kind of out of sight. We need you to go ahead and eat so that when the guests begin to arrive you are ready to serve in your area.


Order for the day

We will be working all morning to set up and get things ready, but the clinic doesn’t actually begin until 12.

Here is the flow:

11 am-We start letting guest come in and sit down and have coffee and a snack.

12 pm- we will begin the church service

1 pm (or close to that)- we will open the resource stations

1-4 pm- everything is open and running

4 pm (or until last person is served)- finish and tear down.


Contact Us:

Travis Sharpe- 803-640-7021

Pictures of the tent set up at the Mission:




Ministry Update 8-10-18

These are exciting times! I’m convinced that there is no greater time to be serving the Lord than right now. Our world desperately needs to know about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and we t Unsheltered International are committed to preaching the gospel and helping people along the way.

Throughout the year we will serve thousands of meals, provide thousands of dollars worth of goods and services and help many, many people. However, it’s not the goods and services that I’m most concerned about. My number one concern is that we are faithful to share the gospel so that the people we minister to have a lasting hope. Everything else is just stuff. It will all perish one day. But when we give our hearts to Christ we find a true gift that we can never lose.

So I want to thank you for helping us give practical help, but most of all eternal life. Here’s an update about what’s going on in our ministry.

Resource Clinic in Augusta, GA

Our resource clinic in Augusta, GA is quickly approaching. We will be partnering with Garden City Rescue Mission and many local churches to bring this much needed event to the Augusta area on Saturday August, 18th. We will have singing and preaching followed by a wonderful meal and then we will be offering all of our resources to those in need.

We will start early that morning and wrap things up around 4pm. If you would like to join us and volunteer, just respond to this email and I can give you more information. It will be held at Garden City Rescue Mission and the address is 828 Fenwick St. Augusta, GA.

Leaving for the Philippines

My daughter Sarah and I will be leaving on Monday August, 20th for a one month trip to the Philippines. While we are there we will be working in our street ministry, our meal center ministry and our rescue center ministry. I will also be visiting our church planters and preaching and teaching. We will be joined for several days by a mission team from Alabama and Georgia for some much needed evangelism and Bible distribution.

Please pray as we go. We need the Lord’s people to ask God for our strength, wisdom and boldness.

New warehouse completed and being used

Our new warehouse and office located in Cullman, AL is finally complete. The property was in bad shape when we leased it, but hard work has paid off and we now have a very good, multi-purpose facility. At this location we can park all of our resource clinic trailers for easy loading, collect donated items, ship items to our overseas ministries, help local people who are in need and so much more.

We have an office and workroom for projects and volunteers are already helping us sort clothes, pack boxes and prepare for our resource clinics. Special thanks to everyone who gave to make this facility possible. Come see us at 479 County Road 827 Cullman, AL 35057.

Text-to-Give now available

We have made it even easier for you to donate to our ministry by texting your gift. Simply text the word “give” to
256-579-1571 and follow the simple instructions. We could really use your gifts for the upcoming resource clinics and trip to the Philippines.

On a personal note

Our son Hunter is starting college this coming Monday. Please pray for courage and wisdom for him. This will be his first time in a classroom setting since the second grade so he is a little nervous. He’s taking business management at our local community college and he plans to go to Bible College next.

Thanks so much for reading and praying and giving to the Lord’s work!


Travis Sharpe