5 reasons to donate today! By Travis Sharpe

Chances are, if you are reading this, you don’t have to be convinced to give. I’m betting that you give because you love to help others, you know the value of giving, and you want to advance the gospel message.

But I thought I would go ahead and share some other solid reasons to make a donation to Unsheltered International today.

1. We minister one-on-one to the homeless and provide practical help like food, blankets, toiletries, jackets, etc.

2. We also provide personal growth opportunities to the homeless such as resumes’, help with documents like birth certificates, counseling, and a few other things.

3. We minister on the ground to survivors of disasters bringing them hot meals, prayer, a hug, and valuable supplies.

4. Our staff and volunteers keep the gospel first and foremost in all that we do. We believe that if we fail to give people the gospel we fail to give them the most important thing of all.

5. Those we help are not the only ones who benefit! Since we are a tax-exempt charity, your gifts given before midnight tonight can be used as a 2012 tax deduction. Can you say win-win situation?!


We are truly grateful that you would consider giving to the needy through our organization. Thank you and God bless!


Click here to visit our donation page and give now.