5 Ways We Are Making A Difference

I can hardly believe that we get to do the things that we do through the ministry of Unsheltered International. God is blessing in amazing ways and I am glad to be a small part of HIS agenda! Thanks to our ministry partners and generous supporters, the gospel is being preached and people are being helped. Today, I’d like to share five ways that is happening.

Through our street ministry God is bringing hope.

Every week, our Filipino team hits the streets of Bacolod City with a simple meal of rice soup and lots of compassion. They make several stops through the city to feed and pray with children and adults who are unsheltered. The soup is served in cups but the love is served through prayer, soul-winning and first aid. Learn more

Through the rescue center, God is giving a better connection.


Every Friday evening (and soon to be Tuesday also) the same team brings the children and adults to our rescue center where they can take a bath, receive new clothes, have a better meal and join in a worship service with singing and preaching. Learn more

Through the resource clinics, we are preaching the gospel to the unsheltered


This year, we partnered with seven different churches here in the US to conduct resource clinics where we preach to hundreds of people who live on the streets or in other comprimised situations. Valuable resources like medical care, haircuts and counseling are also given throughout the day. Learn more

Through our mentoring and ministry, missionaries are being helped.


I just returned from Albania a couple weeks ago where we were able to visit with four hard-working missionaries and teach them about ministering to people who are vulnerable and even despised in their community. We helped by giving a blueprint on how to move forward with a ministry to the gypsies that will eventually be turned into a new church. Learn more

Through the meal centers, God is caring for hundreds of children each week.


In the Philippines, Burma and Honduras, our meal centers are reaching over 600 children each week. We feed them and teach Bible lessons and also care for minor (and sometimes major) medical issues. Our partners who lead these meal centers are dedicated and compassionate and the children have no doubt that they are loved. Learn more

There are other ways too.

These five activities are the main things going on right now but we also preach in mission conferences, do mission trips, help start other ministries and help the homeless in our own hometown. Thank you for partnering with us and praying for our team as we try our best to send the gospel light where God has called us. Without you, it wouldn’t happen. Most of all, we thank God for his provision and guidance.

To God be the glory!