6 Things I Want My Friends And Family To Know

Sometimes it’s hard to fully explain your feelings. Sometimes the things you really want to tell people just don’t come to your mind until you are alone and in a quiet place.


family pic

Today I sat down and thought about my friends and family. I have been overwhelmed with comfort as I have thought about everyone. We are truly blessed to have the people in our lives that we have. Great family and great friends.

We are now 9,000 miles away and we won’t be home until June, but there are some things I want you to know. Here they are in no particular order.

1. We feel your support. 

We really do. All of the calls, all of the prayers, all of the hugs and well wishes, we feel them deeply.

We are blessed to have the full support of our family and we don’t take that for granted. To our parents, all of them, I honestly don’t know what you could do any more to show us that you love and support us. You have given financially, you have sacrificed, you have been our biggest cheerleaders.

You have not tried to convince us to stay, you have trusted us and that is love.

To our extended family and friends, we couldn’t ask for any better. You know exactly who you are. You have taken us out to eat, you have given to us, you have prayed for us, you have spoken words of encouragement.

Our friends have financed our ministry. We are blessed to have the best kind of donors, friends and family.

Everything you have done to support us has worked. It has blessed our hearts and given us courage and strength. For that, we are thankful.

2. We can’t not go.


 April and I believe that God has called us to do what we do. We are not guessing and we are not hoping. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has spoken to our hearts and directed our path.

This trip that is so far away for such a long time is not by happenstance. God knew before we were even born that he would use us to bring the gospel to these people. He knew that he wanted to show his love in practical ways to people who are in great need. He knew that he would choose us to carry out a small portion of his will.

I have said before that I believe you can know God’s calling when you can’t not go. That is how this trip was for us. We knew the very first time that we met these children over here in January of 2014 that we would be back.

3. Although the the will of God is not the safest place, it is the best place

I know you are worried about our safety. I know that it’s hard to deal with the thought of Hunter and Sarah being submerged in a culture that is so different with lots of unknown things.

I would like to guarantee you that we will be safe but you know that I cannot. The truth is that I don’t know what is just around the corner. This will be a new learning experience for us all  and we will probably mess up a lot.

I used to say that the will of God was the safest place to be but I’m not sure I believe that anymore. If that is true then how do we account for all of the martyrs down through the years who have lost their lives for the gospel’s sake?

This may not be the safest place for us to be but it is the best place. There is no better thing that we could do with our lives than to align them with God’s purpose for us. That’s why we are here.

4. We’re not happy about what we’ll miss.

We know we will miss some stuff while we are gone. We will miss some birthdays and some opportunities to visit. We will miss regular phone calls and just hanging out. We will miss the fact of knowing that if something happens, we are just a short drive away.

I want you to understand that we are not happy about that. We don’t sit around and rejoice that we will miss out on these things, it actually stings a little. It makes us a little nervous.

We want to be there with you, but we know that we must move in the direction that God has for us even if it is half way around the world!

5. We’ve tried to live differently, for this very moment.

Our close friends and family know this. We have worked hard in the last few years to position ourselves in such a way that we can better fulfill our mission.

We have gotten out of debt which helped tremendously. We have downsized our home. We do not have a new vehicle. (Thank you Margaret for a nice Volvo that has helped us to not have to have a car payment).

Anyway, we have tried to do the very best that we could in order to be able to leave everything here and live overseas when we need to. We just don’t feel the need to have the best of all the world has to offer, we feel as though we are getting God’s best and that is sufficient for us. (Please don’t let that last statement affect the quality of Christmas and birthday presents this year! Haha).

6. We love you

I hope that this one can be felt by you coming from us the way it is felt coming from you to us.

Simply put, we love you very much.


Travis, April, Hunter and Sarah

Bacolod City, Philippines