A Brand New Meal Center


Our newest meal center is established in Bug-Ang, a small village in a mountainous area just outside the city of Sagay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The drive from the city up to the village is a beautiful one that crosses many small rivers and sugar cane fields. When you finally arrive in Bug-Ang (pronounced Boog-Aang) you are in a small town with only a few shops and no city water system of big stores. It is a very rural area and most of the families depend on farming or small stores in their homes to earn a living.

The church that we partner with in this village is Graceway Community Baptist Church. Pastor Jezer Maguilimutan and his wife Russell do a wonderful job of caring for the children in their meal center. They serve a weekly meal, have a song service and Bible study time. With a sponsorship, the children will also be able to have access to the medical help and first aid treatment of our fully sponsored centers.

There is the need for each one of our meal centers to be sponsored every week. We offer people the opportunity for them to give and sponsor a meal center for one week, two weeks, or even the whole month. With every donation provided and every commitment made, a meal center has more room to grow and more security for its future.

As of now, this meal center has no sponsors. We are praying that the Lord would call on someone to become a sponsor for this meal center to help us become unlimited in what we can do for the children of Bug-Ang.

It is very exciting whenever we to get to tell our supporters about new growth in a part of our ministry. We are so thankful that God has been allowing Unsheltered International – Philippines to expand so much in just the past few years. Starting with only seven meal centers already established with one partnered church to now thirteen meal centers established between two different churches that we are partnered with.

Please pray for these precious children of Bug-Ang and the teachers who serve them each week.