A Life Saved And A Connection Made by Travis Sharpe

If you’re like me, you believe that there are no accidents, that everything happens for a reason. This story should illustrate that truth very well, and let me say, once again I am amazed at what God has done.

To set the stage for this story, a little background is needed.

First, I was introduced to ministry in the Philippines by my good friend, Pastor Todd Crusenberry from Community Baptist Church in Bristol, TN. He is the one who introduced me to Pastor Ner, (the pastor we work with here).

My first trip here was in January of 2014 with Pastor Crusenberry and a medical mission team. For ten days we held medical clinics, preached, and much more. He leads medical mission trips here to the Philippines quite often and he is coming back this year in April.

The problem is, he doesn’t have a doctor who has committed to come on the trip this time. Keep that in the back of your mind!

Now, the story!

Last Thursday, Just like the week before, we brought JD, Anna Marie, Leonard, Ariel and Angelica to our house for baths and lunch. These are the five children who we met a few weeks ago early one morning while they were sleeping on the streets. They were filthy dirty.

They have lots of sores on their bodies because of bacterial infections that are caused by their unsanitary living conditions. We have taken these five kids to the local clinic for some antibiotics and their sores are healing. The doctor told us it will be an uphill battle to get them well because the bacteria lives and breeds in the unsanitary living conditions. We are trying to educate the parents and teach them all about the importance of personal hygiene and a clean environment.

When they came to our house for baths last week, their clothes were so dirty that we decided to wash them. We actually boiled them first in a large pot on the stove hoping to kill the bacteria, then washed them. We took the kids home and left their wet clothes to dry on our clothes line. That was Thursday.

When Saturday evening rolled around, we thought about the clothes and we figured we had better deliver them to the kids so that they would have something clean to wear when we brought them to church on Sunday morning.

So, after a long day of ministry, we stopped by where they live on Saturday evening. As usual, the kids were happy to see us. Ariel called me “daddy” and came running as soon as he saw me!

While we were there visiting, JD’s mother came out of her little shanty house. In her arms was a very sick little two year old girl. It was JD’s sister. We had seen this baby before and we suspected that she might also have an infection because of a few sores on her head.

But this time she was different. Her right eye was swollen completely shut and the right side of her face and ear was swollen. She was not moving much and we all knew she had to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

baby Illiz Iloise Desoy

It was a life and death situation.

The mother had not taken her because she had no money and she was scared. Merliza, the wife of Pastor Ner, suggested that we take her to the private hospital instead of the public clinic. She said that the care would be much better and there was no time to waste.

But of course, money was an issue because it would be expensive at the private hospital. Merliza asked me what I thought and I told her not to worry about the money, we would take care of it, however much it cost.

So we loaded mom and baby in our van and went straight to the hospital. After a few hours and some blood tests, the results were in. She was dehydrated, anemic, underweight, malnourished, and she had a serious bacterial infection.

The doctor who saw her was great. She had a smile, took her time and was sympathetic to the situation. Merliza suspected that she might be a Christian. The doctor explained everything to the mother and made sure she understood how to administer the antibiotics and the other medicine that she had prescribed.

As we were finishing up, we found out that the doctor was indeed a Christian. Merliza suggested that I tell the doctor about our medical mission team that is coming here in April, I think she just felt like I should mention it.

As Merliza was helping the mom with paperwork, I told the doctor all about the medical team and our plans in April. Her eyes lit up as we talked and she asked if she could volunteer her time to help us.

Can imagine my surprise when she asked me? At that moment I began to perceive that this whole thing was a divine appointment. It was a “God thing”. Then she told me what kind of a doctor she was, a pediatrician. She gave me her contact information and promised to also try to recruit some of her doctor friends to also help out.

Icing on the cake

We were again amazed when we received the bill for the baby. There was no fee from the doctor and only a very minimal hospital fee. Then, when we got home and studied the receipts, we found that the blood work and medicine had also been deeply discounted.

What should have cost us an arm and a leg barely cost us anything,just our time and love. Once again God had moved upon someone’s heart to help. Not only did God have a plan to get this precious little baby girl well, he also had a plan to supply us with the doctors we need for our medical mission trip in April.

One more thing. The doctor only works one night a week at that hospital because she has her own clinic that she works at daily. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we wound up at that hospital on that day with that baby and saw that doctor! Do you?

The baby is healing but she still needs your prayers as she is not out of the woods yet.

I am learning that God has big plans and if we will simply be obedient and love those that he puts in our path day by day he will gladly use us to make a difference.

Special credit: I am especially proud of Merliza Ner and Genevieve Sinadjan for their love and care to this mom and baby, They are the ones who waited at the hospital, did all of the coaching of the mother and just took great care of them both. They are jewels. Genevive and her husband Kinley are working with us now on a daily basis and they are pouring their hearts into the lives of others.


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