A Sad Update, But A Brighter Future

Several weeks ago I wrote to you about a very sick gentleman in a remote mountain village in the Philippines. His name was Tatay Tildo and he was suffering from tuberculosis and malnutrition. Our partner and church planter, Raul Remada, met him while on visitation and was immediately burdened for him because of his situation.

When we were made aware of his situation here in the USA, we immediately made some monies available for food and medicine. We also provided money for his ongoing care and some so that his family could invest and have an income to help feed themselves.

Sadly, despite the efforts of pastor Remada, we received word a few days ago that Tatay Tildo has passed away. Despite our efforts, he simply succumbed to his illness and there was nothing more our team could do for him physically.

But there is a bright side. As pastor Remada was ministering to him and providing physical aid, he was more concerned with his spiritual status. And as a result of his concern, during one of his visits to the remote village, he led Tatay Tildo to Christ.

As I think deeply about this story, I almost feel bad for the sad feelings I have. I am saddened that our efforts could not save the physical life. But I rejoice in the fact that the most important mission was accomplished. He heard the gospel and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

So I am reminded that all of our money could have never done for him what Jesus did. Our money and our medicine could not fix him. Our plans and our means to a better life here on earth fell short. Our efforts for the temporary were just that, temporary.

But Jesus’s efforts don’t fall short. The salvation that given is a gift that will outlive medicine and money and worldly efforts at a better existence. Jesus has done something for him that no one else could do! Can you imagine the joy that Tatay Tildo is experiencing now? All of his life was spent in poverty and was probably a struggle the entire time. But now, covered by the blood of Jesus, he has a home in heaven and a much brighter future!

Thank you for partnering with us to help us keep the main thing the main thing!