A Strange Coin Leads To A Generous Gift by Travis Sharpe

I am continuously blessed by the unique ways that God, through his people, fund the work of the Lord. Down through the years, as the church has progressed, it’s not been big business ventures and worldly wisdom that has paid for the ministry. No sir, it has been the loving generosity of God’s people who sacrificially give so that the gospel can be preached, the poor can be relieved and the church can send missionaries. I for one appreciate each and every gift that is given to further the Kingdom.

Such was the case last week in Virginia. Pastor Antonio Ner, who is a Filipino missionary/pastor and my ministry partner who helps lead Unsheltered International Philippines, related to me this great story that I want to share with you today.

He was in Virginia preaching at a church that he had never been to before. After church, a family came to him and presented him with a big jar of coins and told him that the Lord wanted him to have it. But it is the story behind the story that is so neat.

A couple weeks prior to Pastor Ner coming to their church, this family’s washing machine had broken. There are five children in the family so, obviously, the laundry never stops. They pulled out this jar of coins with the intention of using all the money to help pay for a new washing machine. The first step- count the coins! As they were separating all the coins, they ran across a very strange looking one. It wasn’t a quarter. It wasn’t a nickel. It wasn’t a dime, a penny or even a silver dollar. This coin was very different and it wasn’t until further inspection that they realized it was a peso from the Republic of The Philippines.

This was very odd because no one in the family had ever been to the Philippines, nor did they know anyone who was Filipino. As they continued to count the coins they wandered how that coin found its way into their coin jar. Why was it in there? Who put it there? All these questions went through their minds. Thankfully, they wound up not having to use the money in the coin jar for the new washing machine because they wound up receiving an unexpected check in the mail that was enough to cover it.

Still curious about this peso, they put the coin jar, along with all the coins, back in its usual place. A couple weeks went by and on Sunday morning when they went to church, they met Pastor Ner, the Filipino missionary who was the guest speaker that day. (This is the part that I love.) As Pastor Ner was presenting his ministry and preaching, it began to become clear why that peso coin was in the jar. God intended for the $153 worth of spare change to be given to the missionary.

After church, satisfied that they now knew why the strange coin was in their jar, the family presented the jar to Pastor Ner and explained to him “God told us this money was for the missionary.” Pastor Ner was shocked as they unfolded the story about the strange, foreign coin to him. He was still excited when he called me and told me the story later that evening. Since one gracious gift deserves another, Pastor Ner told me that he wouldn’t  be keeping the $153 for himself, (although I’m sure he needed it.) Instead, he was going to put it into our homeless children’s fund to help buy food for kids who are hungry.

I guess the only one who will ever know where the coin came from is the Lord himself. But there is a family in Virginia that certainly has peace about why it was there!

Question: Has God ever spoken to you and instructed you to give something? Tell me about it in the comment section!