Amazing Before and After Pictures, What it Looks Like One Year Later

This week marks the one year anniversary since Typhoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines killing thousands and leaving millions homeless.

It was one of the very worst natural disasters in history.

Two months after the typhoon struck, we arrived on Bantayan Island with a group of eager volunteers. Pastor Todd Crusenberry of Bristol, VA and Dr. Gary Moore of GPA Mobilization Ministries coordinated the trip.

During that trip, we were able to identify four families on Bantayan Island that lost their homes to the typhoon.

Many generous donors gave along with Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL and made it possible for us to rebuild homes for these four families.

Pastor Antonio Ner and Pastor Jezer, who are church planting missionaries, sacrificed their time to lead the trip.

These are also the two men that drew plans for the new homes on a yellow legal pad and a piece of cardboard!

Antonio and Jezer 2

This week, Pastor Ner and Pastor Jezer went back to Bantayan to fellowship and visit the people we helped.

Here are pictures of two of the homes then and now.


Divina at house




April with Tina and Annie



We are very grateful to Pastor Ner and Pastor Jezer for their hard work and dedication to the ministry. (Pastor Ner is in the white t-shirt, he is the Pastor we will be assisting next year).

Please continue to pray for these families. Just because their homes have been rebuilt doesn’t mean everything in their lives is well. They still have significant everyday struggles and need our support.

With only 7 more weeks until we leave for the Philippines, here is a report on our progress.


Update on our trip fund raiser- $6,000 already given!

We started out with a goal of raising $25,000 for our Philippines trip. So far you have given around $6,000 which leaves a remaining amount of $19,000.

Our goal is to raise this money before we leave on January, 4th. 


There are only 7 weeks until we depart, so now is a great time to donate! You can give online or mail in your gift to the PO box listed below.

We are really looking forward to getting there and getting started. Thank you for your help!


Opportunity to become a sponsor

We have also launched our sponsorship program which now gives you the opportunity to become a sponsor and tell needy children you care about them!You can sponsor the mission work for $15 monthly, $25 monthly or $50 monthly.

You can click here to get started today.


This week we gained one more sponsor!


Once again, thank you for making a difference along with us!

Travis Sharpe