Becoming “Serve” Worthy

If you havent already heard, we were generously donated a mobile kitchen! This will help immensly during our disaster relief and resource clinic events!

It was in need of a few repairs though to get it not just road worthy, but Serve worthy too!

Here is a picture of the roof that had begun to leak terribly after the long trip here. It must have cracked the seals, because after the first rain fall, it came a flood so to speak!

old roof

This kitchen was made out of an old fireplace display trailer, so sealing up the holes consisted of hours of  labor. To which Travis and Kenny Brown worked tirelessly!

With the weather as dreary as it has been here in North Alabama, we were able to move the mobile kitchen to a barn while it was worked on.

kenny working on roof

After many hours and much scraping, buffing, sealing, and sweating. The Mobile Kitchen is now Leak Proof!!

new roof

Though not only was the outside worked on, but Travis and Kenny took extra precaution and reinforced the equipment inside the kitchen to ensure its safe traveling!

mobile kitchen inside

We are excited to be that much closer to being serve worthy!

Now all we need are supplies to fill it! We could sure use some large cutting boards and the large industrial size pots and pans! You can make a donation by clicking here.  Or to check out a list of our full holiday Christmas list, click here!

Thanks for all the prayers and support!  Keep following along with our progress by visiting our blog often!