Big News Today!

Today was a monumental day for us here at Unsheltered International.

After locating 17 acres of property for our tiny-home village, and having the Lord supply the needed funds in only 14 days, this morning we were able to close the deal!




I want to thank everyone who donated toward the first step of this important project. God used you to make the land purchase happen quickly and in a manner that we can truly say “God did that!”

The next steps

Now that we own the property, the real work begins. We need to get some equipment in and start clearing out underbrush and small trees. The property is completely wooded so we need this done in order for the surveyors to be able to get in and do a topographical survey of the land.

This survey will then be used by a civil engineer as we lay out the master site plan. We hope to eventually have all of our offices and everything located on this property so a master site plan will aid us in making sure we are utilizing the property to it’s fullest potential.

Once the clearing, survey, and site plan are complete, we will be free to move on with infrastructure work and construction.

What to pray for now

At this point, we need to pray for a few things specifically.

1. That God would give us favor with a civil engineer or engineering firm who would donate their time to create the master site plan.
2. That God would give us wisdom as we proceed.
3. That God would continue to provide the needed funds to move through the necessary steps.

Thank you for following what God is doing here in Cullman, AL through our ministry. We need your prayers now more than ever!