Christmas was a huge success!

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great week so far. We have been real busy around here and the week has flown by. It has been a real pleasure for my family to have Antonio and Merliza Ner staying with us this week. They are our partners in the Philippines and they are here in the United States to raise extra support for their family and for a building project that they are working on.

I have enjoyed introducing Pastor Ner to all of my friends and showing him around town. The very first night that he was here, we received a phone call from a friend about a man who was sleeping in a makeshift shelter out in the woods. Pastor Ner and I met up with Kasey and Ismael Membreno and went out to find the man living in the box in the woods.

Pastor Ner talking to the man in the box.

Pastor Ner talking to the man in the box.

We found the place and there was a gentleman inside. Since the temperatures were forecasted to dip into the high 20’s that night, we decided to provide a few nights in a local motel for him. He was extremely grateful because he hadn’t showered in days and he had started a new job that very day. Pastor Ner really enjoyed going with us to meet the man and help him on such a cold night.

The great news is that it looks like he has been able to find some more permanent lodging and he might be able to move in a few more days. Please help us pray that everything works out for him.

We are also working with another gentleman that Hunter and I met this week while he was holding a sign asking for help in the Walmart parking lot. He is 57 years old and disabled so we are working to get him into housing as well. Prayerfully, we will be able to see him get off the streets and into a safe place to live.

Final update on the Fall Fundraising Campaign

I want to thank everyone who gave to help us in the fundraising campaign that we have now wrapped up. There are still a couple of pledges that are yet to come in but it looks like the total is going to be right around $36,500.00.

We are already putting this money to use in our meal centers and street visitation ministry in the Philippines. Although it will not fully fund those ministries, it will go a long way to start us off right for this new year. Although we did not reach the $40,000.00 goal, we did break a record by raising the most money that we have ever raised in our Fall Campaign. Thank you for helping us, we are very excited to achieve that mile marker.

Christmas was a huge success

I will let the pictures do most of the talking on this one, but I do want to share some details. Over several days during Christmas season, our ministry staff held Christmas parties for the children in our meal centers. This year, over 500 children received gifts, a good meal and participated in a fun Christmas party.

The kids wanted me to tell you thank you for the blessing that you helped to make possible for them. For many of them, the only thing they receive for Christmas is the food and gifts that we give to them. It’s awesome to share the joy of Jesus and his birth with them.

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Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Travis Sharpe