Cincinnati Resource Clinic Report

The Lord blessed in a big way today here in Cincinnati, OH at our 3rd resource clinic this year. It was a privilege to partner again with Pastor Kirk Kirkland and Revive City Church. Pastor Kirkland and the church family were wonderful hosts and they worked extremely well with our leadership team to help the 394 guest that came to today’s event.

Our day began at 7:30 this morning when the set up crew arrived and began the careful work of putting everything into place. Tim Barbee, Jesse Mickle, Hunter Sharpe, Rob Hom, and a host of others worked hard to ensure that everything went smoothly and that we were ready to begin at noon. That’s no small task considering they set up about 15 tents, 200, chairs, 50 tables, a kitchen, and all the resources. I am extremely grateful for everyone who makes it happen.

Today we helped people who had lost their birth certificate, people who needed new clothes, people who needed medical care, and many more services that are all geared toward a hand up. We realize that people need more than free stuff, they need help rebuilding their lives. Our caring and compassionate volunteers spend lots of time counseling and praying with people for their needs and problems.

The very best part of our resource clinics is the emphasis on the spiritual side of things. All is vain unless we communicate the truth of the gospel to those whom we are helping. Ultimately, only Christ is able to meet our deepest needs and that is a big part of what we try to convey to each guest who comes to our events. Only Christ can save and only Christ can satisfy!

That’s why we put so much emphasis on preaching God’s Word and soul-winning. We are convinced that Jesus is the answer for every person in need.

We are thrilled that eight people trusted Christ as their savior today. There was also one gentleman who re-dedicated his life to the Lord. This will be the beginning of a brand new life for them. One reason we do the resource clinics in partnership with a local church is because getting saved is only the beginning. They will need lots of love and discipleship over the next few months. Please be in prayer for these brand new babes in Christ!

We were blessed to have Paul Stensrud with us again from Exit 0 homeless outreach ministry in Jeffersonville, IN. Paul came to town early and spent many hours on the streets meeting people and informing them of the resource clinic. Without this valuable outreach effort, many people would not have known about the event. Paul also brought over 200 care packages to give away as well as many other helpful items for those who were unsheltered.

We were also blessed to have a big group with us from Porters Grove Baptist Church in Rising Sun, MD and from Community Baptist Church in Bristol, TN. What a help they were throughout the day serving those in need.

Thanks so much to everyone for praying today and helping to make this a life-changing day for so many people. I have listed all the totals from the day below.

Guests- 402
Volunteers- 102
Salvations- 8
Re-dedications- 3
Resumes- 1
Birth certificates- 45
Clothing- 121
Bibles- 63
Haircuts- 50
Medical care- 25
Hygiene kits- 228
Meals- 600
Snack bags- 100