Finding Shelter in the Streets

Our Unsheltered International-Philippines staff goes out to the streets in the city of Bacolod at least three nights every week. They drive and walk throughout the city searching for those who have made a place for themselves living on these streets.

We refer to the people they help as our “clients,” because it is our goal to continually visit and minister to them every week and to quickly develop a relationship. Most of our clients in the city of Bacolod are children who are either orphaned, runaways, or both. But sometimes our clients consist of whole families. For example, just this past week, as they were serving food and witnessing to those on the streets near the Riverside Hospital, our team met the Flores family.

UI-Philippines staff members Kinley Sinadjan and Franklin Merano sat and spoke with the Flores’ learning more and more about their family and what led to them to be in their current situation.

Ronie and Manilyn Flores are the parents of two little boys, eight year old Larie and three year old Renie, along with another child, five months on the way. Renie and Manilyn are from a village named Barangay Banago outside the city of Bacolod, but unfortunately they were evacuated from their home by the owner of the land. With no where else to stay, the Flores family turned to the side of the road for temporary shelter until they can find a new place to call home.

There are many others we have met through the street ministry who have also become stuck in circumstances similar to this. We have made it our responsibility to help these people in need as much as we possibly can physically and to most importantly show them the hope and love that Jesus Christ brings.

Please pray for the Flores family and for our UI-Philippines street ministry team as they faithfully serve them and all of our other clients as well. God bless.