Following In Spite Of The Questions by Travis Sharpe

Are there questions that haunt you? Have you been searching for answers only to come up empty handed? Have people asked you for the details but you just honestly didn’t know them?
If so, read on. I have the same unanswered questions.
sheep following
Here we go
This is the time that we have been waiting so long for! We were getting a little weary of counting the days until we left, now we are already gone.
I’m sure that we will be a little jet-lagged by the time we arrive in Bacolod City, Phillippines tomorrow. This trip is just a little over 20 hours of flight time with an overnight stay in the airport in South Korea. The airport in Seoul is pretty nice and they even have a nice place to shower. This is very helpful when your trip is two days long!
Our family is excited and nervous. 
We are excited because this is an entirely new opportunity for us. Never before has our ministry focused on homeless children, much less 9000 miles away from home. It is exciting to anticipate what God is going to do. This is a new adventure for us for sure and we are thrilled to be a part of it all.
We are nervous for the exact same reasons. There are many things that are simply unknown at this point. We have lots of questions. How will we do being submerged in a completely different culture for 5 months? Where exactly will we be living during this time? How will the children receive us? Will our children adjust well?
You don’t have to have all the answers
To be sure, there are many questions. But we are not focusing on them. We are, by faith, moving in the direction that we have answers for.
We know that God has opened this door, for this time. We know that this is the will of God for our family. We know that  when God gives us an assignment, he will take care of all the details as we simply obey.
The truth is that we have never had all the answers upfront. As a matter of fact, over the last 18 years of ministry, we haven’t even know all the questions upfront! I don’t think that God wants us or expects us to worry with them.
People who do great things for God are not the ones who know all the answers, rather they are the ones who are willing to follow in spite of all the questions.
It’s only unknown to us
One of the greatest thoughts that has been lodged in my mind for a while now is that what’s unknown to me, is known to God.
In other words, just because I have questions, doesn’t mean that God does! I am confident that not only does God have this all planned out, he has already been there. (I guess if he were like us, he would have the tee shirt too!) He has been there, and done that.
How to proceed
Our journey through life is full of questions. But the only real question to ask is are we willing to follow God?
If we are following to the best of our ability, we can, with confidence, leave all the questions and answers up to him.
Faith is not having everything figured out and then moving. Faith is following even though you have questions about it all. So what about you? Will you proceed in spite of all your questions?
Question: Has God ever asked you to do something but left you with lots of questions? I’d love to hear about your experience.
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