From the Streets, to Work by Travis Sharpe

Back in March, or possibly a little before then, our ministry team began interacting with Peter on a regular basis. At 19 years old, Peter was living on the streets and had no real direction in his life. Thankfully, Pastor Ricky and the others on our ministry team took the time to invest in him.

Like many of the other teenagers who live on the streets, Peter had many troubles in his family life. Trouble at home, coupled with the desperation that comes from extreme poverty, drove him to life on the streets. Many of the children, some as young as 7 years old, search for plastics and other scrap that they can collect and sell at scrap yards.

Pastor Ricky took a special interest in Peter and invited him to attend the youth camp a couple months ago. He made a decision for Christ, was baptized, and God is working in his life now. Pastor Ricky has been working closely with him helping to get all the documents and papers that are needed for peter to become an international seaman working on a vessel as a fisherman undergrad. He has now finished his training and is awaiting the call from the company to go to sea.

Please pray that the call would come this week so that he can begin to work and make a better life for himself. It’s amazing how the Lord can reach way down and give hope and help to someone who has all but given up. I’m extremely thankful for Pastor Antonio, Pastor Ricky, and all of our staff and volunteers who are helping children both young and old each and every day. They found Peter on the streets as they were visiting the homeless and serving meals. Now, he is going from the streets, to work!