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If you have never had some of April Sharpe’s good home cooking, you are missing out! April is well known for her southern style “cat-head” biscuits, her awesome pot roast and her almost world famous cream cheese rolls. (Almost only because they haven’t made it all the way around the world just yet!)

We tried to figure out how to ship those tasty treats but just couldn’t figure it out. However, there is one more sugary treat that April has been making during the holidays for years now. It’s her home-made peanut butter fudge. This is a family recipe and her mom helped her to perfect it years ago.

Since we are in the middle of our Fall Fundraising Campaign right now, April has agreed to make as much fudge as she can before the end of the year. When you donate to get some of her fudge, you are helping us reach our fundraising goal. These proceeds will be used to help us take the gospel of Jesus Christ to hurting people around the world!

We are making the fudge available in one pound containers. Each container has approximately eight big pieces of fudge. These containers of fudge will make great presents and the shipping is included in the donation price of $13.00. Order some for yourself and some to give away!

Shipping and local pick up starts on December 6th, so get you order in today !!

To order your fudge you can:

  1. Call or text  April at 803-640-7023 or
  2. Email April at April@unsheltered.org

Just give her the details of how many containers you need and she will fix you up!

I you need to make your donation for the fudge with a check, just send it to:

Unsheltered International

PO Box 2625

Cullman, AL 35056

If you live in Cullman, April will let you know when you can drop by the office and pick yours up!