Full Report From Cincinnati Resource Clinic

We were extremely blessed to hold our third resource clinic of 2016 in conjunction with Revive Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, June, 4th. Pastor Kirk Kirkland is a new friend and it was a real pleasure to work with him and many gracious members of his congregation. The congregation is only three years old and already averaging 150 people in attendance each Sunday. They have a great location in the city with plenty of homes, housing projects, schools and apartments nearby. We had a total of 343 people attend the resource clinic on Saturday, all of whom live right there in the neighborhood.

The results

343 guests in attendance
7 people received Christ as Savior (3 additional the following Sunday morning)
98 people served during the day
4 resumes were made
108 pairs of reading glasses were given out
3 emergency contact cards were made
13 birth certificates were applied for
150 people received clothing
130 people received Bibles
38 people received haircuts
21 people received medical assistance
200 people received hygiene kits
600 meals were served
100 additional meals given out during visitation

100 snack packs given out during visitation

Special acknowledgements

Billy Sampson, along with his wife Jane and daughters Ashley and Sarah, joined us for the day. Billy and the girls, The Sampson’s, set up their music equipment and took care of the singing for us. I have worked with the Sampson’s on numerous occasions and they always do an outstanding job. Saturday was no exception. They sang their hearts out and also served in other areas after the worship service was over. I’m thankful for their servants heart.


My good friend Clemon Chappell, pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church in Gary, IN also joined us to help in the worship service. The Sampson’s are members of his church and they work together in many, many evangelistic meetings around the country. Pastor Chappell led the congregational singing, sang two solo’s and encouraged us all toward the Savior. As always, it was great to have him as part of or day! Clemon is pictured below along with Chance Crusenberry who came from Bristol, VA and served with us all day.


My friend Paul Stensrud from Jeffersonville, IN joined us for the weekend and helped in some tremendous ways. Paul is the founder of Exit 0, which is a homeless ministry serving the people in Jeffersonville as well as Louisville, KY. He has a huge heart for the homeless and is well versed in how to help people transition from the streets to self sufficiency. Paul brought his outreach vehicle which is a converted ambulance that he keeps stocked wit anything and everything a person who is homeless might need.


On Friday night, Paul and a few of the Unsheltered International team, hit the streets of Cincinnati to invite people to the resource clinic the next day. They spent several hours talking and praying with everyone they could find. They gave out sandwiches, snacks, and lots of other items as they went. On Saturday, Paul and his wife Michelle helped all day long. They also brought Dr. Michael Bonacum along with them. He serves with Exit 0 and was very beneficial on Saturday in our medical tent.

Jessie Mickle and his dad Larry Mickle, pulled the Unsheltered trailer all the way from Alabama to Ohio for us. They helped set things up and tear things down as well as worked in other areas throughout the day. They were joined by my friend Ismael Membreno and his son Jacobi. All are members of Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. Without their help in transporting the trailer with all our equipment, we could not have held the event.
Rob Hom and his son Robbie came with Pastor Michael Moore from Rising Sun MD to help. They were a real blessing throughout the weekend and they drove a very long way to join us. Rob and Michael have also served at the resource clinics we have held in their area each year. It was a blessing to have them with us in Cincinnati.

I can’t say enough about Pastor Kirk Kirkland and Revive Baptist Church. Pastor Kirk is doing a great job all the way around. It was a blessing to watch him interact with people from his community all day long on Saturday. He is patient and you can tell that he genuinely loves the people that God has called him to serve. Pastor Kirk brought a powerful message on Saturday and that’s when many people responded to the gospel message.


Of course, our resource clinic leadership team was in full force. The members who came to Cincinnati were Pastor Steve Dixon and his wife Beka. Pastor Tim Crusenberry and his wife Betty. Tim and Adrienne Barbee, Tara and Shane Philyaw, Denny and Melissa Mitchell and the Sharpe family. Chris and Lisa Russell ran the clothing giveaway. The leadership team did a great job of leading and equipping the church family throughout the day. Without our leaders, none of the resource clinics could happen.

 A great gift

I also want to thank Pastor Tim Crusenberry for donating his tent to our ministry. This tent is perfect for the haircutting resource and we have borrowed it for that several times in the past. When we were tearing down on Saturday, he told me to just keep it! Thank you! Lots of our equipment has come to us as gifts-in-kind and we are thankful for every one of them.


Our next Resource Clinic

The next resource clinic will be in Bristol, VA on June 18th. I’m looking forward to what the Lord will do at this one and I am looking forward to working with our friends in the area. Please pray for many people to be saved and helped as we continue to preach the gospel and bring help and hope to those in need.

Here are some additional pictures from the day