God has blessed in a BIG way!

Hey there,

This is the kind of email that I LOVE to write! I wanted to tell you that our God has blessed our rescue center and street ministry sponsorship program in a BIG WAY. Are you ready for this?

As of today, that program is now sponsored in full. God has blessed us with 21 sponsors who are giving various amounts that come to a total of $1,100 per month. That’s what it is taking right now to operate the rescue center and street ministry.

We are praising God for the generosity of these sponsors who are giving on a monthly basis.

Of course, there are other financial needs throughout the year such as Christmas gifts and special projects. But having the basic operating cost covered each month is definitely a game changer.

Below are some recent pictures from the rescue center and street ministry. Please continue to pray for the vulnerable children and adults who are being introduced to Jesus each week through the hard work of our Filipino team.


Travis Sharpe