How hard work and a loving church made a difference

Homeless, hungry, and with little direction for what would be next in his life, on August 22nd of this year, Johnathan found his way to Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. He was met by the worship pastor, Jaylynn Milligan, who immediately wanted to help. In exchange for a little work around the church, Jaylynn put him in a motel for a couple of nights. On the second day, Johnathan got saved. He was baptized a couple weeks later and began to attend church faithfully.

Still with no place to live, we allowed him to stay in a small office at our warehouse. He slept every night on an old Army cot and never complained one time. Next, Johnathan landed a job at KFC and began to work as many hours as possible. Jaylynn continued to mentor him and I began taking him through a discipleship book. Every Monday Johnathan also volunteers at our warehouse sorting clothes, cleaning and working with the other volunteers.

After weeks of patiently waiting, and working hard to save money, Johnathan was finally able to move into his own apartment in town. Several local families from our church gave him furniture and our church helped cover his deposit and first months rent.

Pictured left to right: Travis, Jaylynn, Johnathan, Tim

The job at KFC was going well but Johnathan really needed to earn more money if he was going to be able to afford his apartment and have some type of transportation also. When he learned about a plant that was hiring, he quickly put in an application and was hired. The money is much better and he is doing great in his new position. He was even able to purchase a motor scooter to get around on!

He is now working hard, volunteering with our ministry and attending church faithfully. Johnathan has been a good example of how God truly blesses hard work and patience. But he is also a good example of how a church family can make a real difference for someone who is homeless.

First, he got saved and baptized at our church. Next, the job at KFC came through a church member. He began to learn about the Lord and be encouraged through the Sunday and Wednesday evening services as well. His new, better paying job at the plant also came through a church member who noticed his hard work and wanted to help. Of course, many other people at church have fed him, bought him clothes, encouraged him, and even have had him over for dinner and fellowship. Most importantly, Jaylynn, the worship pastor has been a mentor to Johnathan. Jaylynn’s role with him has complimented my role and together, we have made a difference!

Basically, every good thing that has happened in Johnathan’s life over the past few months has happened in and through Temple Baptist Church working hand-in-hand with our ministry. I am so thankful for our church family and for what God has done in and through them.

Please pray for Johnathan as he continues to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and as he works hard to support himself in this new phase of his life!