In Loving Memory Of Mrs. Patsy Parker by Travis Sharpe

I first met Mrs. Patsy Parker at Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC where we were both members. I was the Director of the Garden City Rescue Mission in the neighboring town of Augusta, GA then and my mother was the Director of the Women and Children’s Shelter.


Patsy showed up one day offering to help mom with the women and children and from that day forward they built a strong, lasting friendship. She became one of the dependable volunteers who sacrificed her time to help the struggling families who came to the mission.

She would come to the Mission late in the afternoon after she got off work. She would cook, hold Bible Study, clean, and counsel the women. Many nights she would be the one who would stay all night long and then prepare breakfast the next morning.

Over the years the friendship that my mom and Patsy had flourished even though they became separated by distance when mom moved back to Florida.



My family left the Augusta area also in 2009 but Patsy didn’t allow the distance to keep her from being involved in our ministry. She has been an active supporter, prayer warrior and friend to myself and my family for what seems like an eternity now.

Patsy entered into rest on Saturday, August 15, 2015 after a long, difficult battle with cancer. I for one will miss her greatly, I already do. She prayed for me and supported me like she was my own mother and I am afraid the void may never be filled in that way again. Patsy was some kind of special!

I want to share a few thoughts about her that stand out to me as I reflect on her life, her values and her passion.

She was a fighter

I will have to admit that after I left Augusta I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Patsy or her husband Dennis, but we talked, texted, and messaged each other quite often. I also followed her “Team Patsy” Facebook page very closely and I was always amazed at the tenacity in which she fought her disease.

I believe that she fought for her husband, her children and grandchildren, her mother and her friends. She had friends who were battling sickness as well and I believe she fought hard for them as well.

Patsy may have lost her battle with cancer, but she never lost her life. She was a fighter!

She was a giver

Patsy always thought about others. She would send our family messages from time to time and ask what our needs were. Almost every new missionary endeavor we embarked on, she would be there in prayer and support.

When our family went to Honduras in 2010, Patsy gave enough money for more than one of our family’s costs. She heard that I needed an iPad one time and sent money for that. Recently, when I needed a new back pack for our trip to the Philippines, she sent one to me in the mail. It was the exact kind I wanted.

Patsy also gave to our ministry each and every month. She had it automatically deducted from her card. I always knew I could count on her. I can only hope and pray that others will give in the future like she did in the past.

She was an inspiration

Through the 14 years that Patsy battled cancer, she became an inspiration to many, many people. Every time it looked like there was no hope, she would pull through. There were so many times that she was suffering but she would be worried about someone else.

When my wife April was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disorder I think Patsy made it her personal mission to pray “extra hard” for her. She sent April many messages and tagged her in many posts letting her know that she was in her thoughts and prayers.

To me, someone is an inspiration when they accomplish something that I know I could not accomplish. Patsy constantly did that. She battled to stay positive and hopeful. Even when she thought that she had failed, we all looked at her in amazement because she inspired us so much.

She was a believer

Finally, Patsy was a believer. I know that she loved me with a mothers love. And I know that she believed in me like only a mother can. I know it because she told me.

She believed in my ministry, my family, my values and all my crazy endeavors. (

But most of all, Patsy believed in her God. She trusted in him when there was very little physical reason to trust in him. She held on to faith when there was no end in sight. Even when she was full of pain and difficulty and when the night came in her heart and mind, she believed.

In conclusion

Now that I have cried all over my keyboard, I will draw this to an end. I am not sad that Patsy is now in Heaven, she suffered a long time and now she is comforted. I find great peace and comfort in knowing that she is not only not suffering any longer but she now knows the fullness of joy like we only know in part.

Her faith has become sight and she will never again feel the pain or restrictions that humanity can bring. She is with the Lord who she believed in with all her heart.

The thing that has brought me to tears as I have written this is wondering who will come after her. Will God put another person in my life who loves me like Patsy did? Will there ever be another person who wants to give, fight, believe and inspire?

I don’t know if there will be another like her or not. But I sure am thankful that God allowed me and my family to be a small part of her life, we were blessed beyond measure because of her.

We love you Patsy.

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