Let me tell you why by Gary Moore

This is a guest post by Missionary and Pastor Dr. Gary Moore. Dr. Moore is one of my dearest friends and co-laborers in the ministry.

He and I have traveled to the foreign field together, preached revivals together, done homeless ministry together and lots of other cool stuff!

A dream is becoming a reality

Several years ago he shared a dream with me. He told me he had a dream to purchase a ship that he would use on the mission field. Although I thought it was an awesome idea, I must admit that I thought it was one of those dreams that would never come to reality.

Now, just a few short years later, they have purchased a ship! It is almost paid for and they are about to begin to outfit it for use as a medical missions and disaster relief vessel.

Mercy ship


(This is the ship and a group of us who went with Dr. Moore earlier this year to sign the papers)

In this post Dr. Moore explains why the ship is needed and how it will be used.

One more thing. On September 6th, they are having a share-a-thon to help raise additional funds for this project. Click here to visit their website and learn more.

Let Me Tell You Why! By Dr. Gary Moore


When I first told people I wanted to buy a ship to be used in the ministry I could tell that they really thought I had lost it. Blank stares and a look of great concern for my sanity were the norm, but I just keep telling people that this is really important.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing… “Preacher your crazy! Why in the world would you want to buy a ship? How could that make any difference in the ministry?”

Well if you will take just a minute I will tell you why it’s important.

We will have the ability to assist missionaries with medical teams; evangelistic outreach and children’s work for three weeks or more at a time, while never being a burden to the missionary and his family.

Twenty-eight people can live and work from the ship. The clinic will be on board, clean, fully stocked and more comfortable than any facility we have ever used in the six years that we have been doing this. Not once will the missionary have to feed, house or entertain our team, we will be a help not a hindrance to the work.

We will be able to bring everything we need to hold Evangelistic meetings; three hundred seat tent, chairs, sound system, generator and the crew to put it up, take it down and do the canvas visitation and follow up so that we provide support for every part of the outreach.

This same set up will be perfect for daytime VBS work, so that we can team up with the local workers and work side by side with them in reaching the children of the community.

We are usually gone ten to fifteen days for each traditional short-term mission trip and during that time we try to help the team to bond together in the work, worship together and learn from the experience. Having two to four travel days for each trip where our time is spent in airports, on airplanes, crammed into passenger vans or buses makes it hard to teach spiritual truth, worship together and have quality time to get to know each other.

Our days are long and tiring and though we learn to appreciate our fellow workers it’s hard to glean much for each other’s testimonies when you can hardly keep your eyes open. Two and three days at a time at sea will give us a wonderful opportunity to teach, pray, and bond together as workers together in the field of service.

I am fully convinced that the experience for the short-term missionary will be far more powerful, long-lasting and spiritual than what we are able to see happen now.

Yes…This is a needed ministry for the career and short-term missionary. I may be crazy, but that doesn’t mean that The Mercy Project is not just what Short-Term Missions needs. Pray with us and for us that we will see it come to pass very soon.


Dr. Gary S. Moore