March 16th Resource Clinic Success!

What an amazing day on Saturday at the Resource Clinic! God showed up and showed out!photo (12)

Though the entire day was a blessing, the best part of the day had to be the salvations!! After the worship service, where Hunter Sharpe and Bro. Travis Sharpe were able to share the Gospel, 2 people were led to Christ by our volunteers!

During the day we were able to help 4 people create a resume that will help them with there search for employment.  36 people received a fresh hair cut, and 13 ladies were able to have some special attention to their hands and nails.

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In total we were able to serve over 100 people a hot meals!  48 of the guests were able to receive well needed reading glasses, 41 got brand new Bibles and 31 Birth certificates were applied for!

Thank You to all the volunteers that were able to come out and participate in serving meals, providing resources, or just simply talking and listening to someone in need! To all those who prayed from home, and those that sent in donations to help provide those resources, you were a huge blessing!

We Still Need Help! 

A birth certificate can be detrimental to a person trying to straighten there life out. To receive a job, you need an ID, to get an ID, you need your Birth Certificate. To get the birth Certificate, you need money. To get money, you need a job. This revolving cycle sometimes is discouraging enough to keep people living on the streets and in the same situation with no hope.

In some cases, the gift of a birth certificate can start the process of a new life, and we have been blessed to see this cycle broken many times over! This particular day, a women that we had helped in the past came up to Travis and Tim and said I with tears and said “I’m not homeless anymore, thank you for what you do!”

Each Birth Certificate cost about $15, and after this Clinic we applied for 31, totaling over $465! Even eye glasses are about $1 a piece, that was $48 just for this clinic! We could sure use your help!

How to Help!

  • If you would like to sponsor the purchase of a birth certificate, you can make a donation online HERE!
  • If you would like to sponsor the purchase of Eye glasses, you can make a donation HERE!
  • Or to help where most needed, CLICK HERE!

Thank you so much for your prayers and Support!

volunteers copyVolunteer!

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