Ministering to Body and Soul by Travis Sharpe

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of the importance of our missionary endeavors among some of the poorest children in the Philippines. One of the unique things about our ministry is that we ministry to the body and soul. In other words, we care for physical needs as well as spiritual needs. And the rewards are wonderful.

Sometimes, it takes an act of kindness in order to open the door to someones heart. Such was the case with Jossel, a ten-year old boy whom our team found with a severe foot wound. He lives in a small village where Pastor Jezer and his church family operate one of our Unsheltered International Philippines meal centers. He is very shy, and would not attend the meal center activities and Bible study until our team helped him with his wound.Their compassion opened his little heart.

This wound was caused by a machette style knife that he was using while working in a rice field. He accidentally sliced it into his foot. However, like many families who are extremely poor, no medical help was sought. When our teachers found him, the wound was packed with mud and it was severely  infected.

Filled with compassion, the teachers brought him back to the church so that the pastor’s wife,  Sister Russell, could use the first aid kit to help.

They washed his feet with boiled guava leaves to clean everything, then applied betadine and antibiotic ointment. Lastly, they wrapped it up in a clean new bandage.

Although Jossel is ten years old, he is only in the first grade. Plus, when he hurt his foot and was having trouble walking, his father was going to take him out of school. Thankfully, our team was there to lovingly help him. Since then, he has attended the church and began to participate in the meal center and Bible study.

Please pray with us that Pastor Jezer, his wife, and the teachers can continue to make a difference in Jossel’s life as well as the many other children they minister to on a weekly basis.

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Here are more pictures of Jossel that our team sent me!