Ministry Update 1-10-20

Now that the holidays are behind us, we are back hard at work doing our best to make a difference each day. Speaking of making a difference, I thought I would share a very special Christmas card that we received. Back in November, our local police department called us about a lady that had just arrived in town. She was in her 60’s, and very sweet. Suffering from mental illness, she had been homeless for a while and came here from Texas.

When we first met her she was not in a good place mentally. Confusion abounded and she was very vulnerable as she wandered alone on the streets. We knew we had to help somehow so Tara took her to a local hotel where we paid for several nights of lodging. Tara also worked with her and convinced her to go to our mental health department. We did as much as we could but she finally vanished. She was not at the hotel and no one had seen or heard from her. This happens all too often. Right in the middle of trying to get help to someone they simply disappear.

All we could do was pray that she was alright. Then, right after Christmas, our prayers were answered when we received this sweet card from her. Take a moment to read what she wrote below.

Tara said that receiving this card and knowing that she was okay was her best Christmas present ever. We were all blessed to know that things were okay and she was getting off the streets and into housing. What a mighty God we serve!

Preparing for NOLA

This week we are preparing for our mission trip and revival week in New Orleans. We will be there from Feb. 1-6 with pastor Terry Rodgers and pastor Michael Raymond to hold our third winter revival for the homeless. Please pray for our team and those who are coming for this meaningful week of preaching, singing and ministry to the unsheltered of New Orleans.

Live Fundraiser

Our annual live fundraiser is scheduled for March 12, 2020. That evening from 6-10 pm, we will be broadcasting live on our Facebook page and there will be all kinds of great information, stories, testimonies and more. We will be sharing some future plans and letting you know what all God has done through our ministry.

Most of all, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we are asking the Lord to provide $100,000 that evening. I hope you will make plans to join us for this exciting event!

Thank you

We appreciate you following our updates and staying connected with us. Please remember us as well as those we serve in your prayers each day.