Ministry Update 10-16-15

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great. As you know, I have been back here in the Philippines for a few days now. I am here on a two week trip and the main purpose was to meet with our staff and ministry partners, check on the work and encourage our team.

I am happy to say that we have accomplished all those goals and much more. When I arrived a few days ago, I not only found our staff carrying on the ministry we began earlier this year, I found that they have expanded it.

Now, they visit on the streets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday they bring as many people to church as they can. They have built a good van route ministry and they are bringing people to church who others just don’t want. I am extremely proud of what our ministry has become!

Here are a few highlights from this week.

Rescuing a boy

On Wednesday evening, I went out with the ministry team as they searched the dark city streets for children who are on their own. At one of our stops we met a 10 year old boy named Jonrenz.


Jonrenz was on the streets all by himself. It is unclear exactly how long he has been living on the streets, but I believe it has been quite a while. He lives with relatives but complains of being abused and therefore chooses to run away and fend for himself on the streets.

Since he is only 10 years old and alone on the streets, our staff took the proper measures and now he is in a safe place. Please continue to pray for this young boy and the many other boys and girls just like him who are at great risk each and every day.

Help for a family

On the late night visits this week we visited a family that we have had a lot of previous contact with. They sleep on a sidewalk that has a cover and is out of the weather. Because their little house is so hot and unsafe, they consider it better to be there on the sidewalk.


Our staff members patiently and lovingly spent time talking to the mother and children. There is a 20 year old boy who is a part of this family and he was extremely sick. We made plans for the next day and took him to the emergency room because we believed he was in such bad shape he would die without medical attention.


Please pray for this young man and his medical need. We will be following up with him and doing everything we can to assist with his needs.

Trip to see our new tricycle

On Thursday we took a 3 hour journey across the mountains to the other side of Negros Island to the welding shop where our new tricycle is being made.


Thanks to some very special supporters, we have already purchased a new motorcycle. When this custom made sidecar is complete, the motorcycle will be added and we will have one of the best new tricycles in the Philippines.

It will be painted, our logo will be added, and it will be put to use in our dumpsite ministry. On Sunday’s it will be used to bring people to church. I’m excited to see it when it is all complete in a few more weeks.

Fall Fundraising Campaign update

I am happy to announce that we have had another tremendous week in our Fall Fundraising Campaign! Our new total is:


The giving has been great so far but we have a long way to go to reach our goal of $40,000.00 before December 31. I want to challenge our donors to help us reach the $10,000.00 mark by next Friday. I believe that if we all give, we can not only meet our goal, but surpass it!

Please join me in prayer that God would continue to supply according to his will.

You can donate or get more information by clicking here.

Answered prayers

When I left the US last week I had one major prayer request. I was asking God to give me clarity about the route ahead. It has been our desire from day one to build an orphanage but we honestly were unsure where or when or who.

But this past Sunday the Lord answered every one of those questions. To be sure, there are still a lot of things to figure out and lots of plans to be made. The good news is that I know where I want to locate and who will head it up. The rest of the details will fall in place when the time comes.

I look forward to sharing more about this project with you in the upcoming weeks. Please keep praying for now! God is good!

Thanks so much for your support!


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