Ministry Update 11-12-18

Today I’m writing from the Republic of Albania. Pastor Robbie Burton from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Abbeville, SC graciously paid for my trip so that I could help the missionaries that his church has sent to this unique  country in the Balkin region of Southeast Europe. Brother Robbie and I went to Bible College together so it has been great to spend this time with him. Their church has been focusing much of their missionary efforts here in Albania and they are making a huge impact.

Missionary Daxell Wells arrived with his family in Albania in March of 2018 and his main objective is to plant churches among the Roma Gypsie people. This people group is looked down upon and despised by almost everyone else in this region of the world. They travel often and live in makeshift encampments in dire poverty.

We have visited two gypsie camps so far. At the first one, Missionaries Aaron Wilson and Tim Lord came with us. They played guitars and we all sang Albanian songs together. It was humbling to sing with these precious people. I was able to give valuable insights about ministering to marginalized people. We discussed the importance of the gospel and the impact that an on-going discipleship based ministry can have. We also discussed principles that guide us as we minister to people in poverty-stricken areas.

One family showed us their living quarters. They reside in an old ampitheatre that is still standing, but very unsafe. There is rubbish everywhere from what used to be walls and buildings. Their bedrooms are in smaller rooms that leak profusely when it rains.

We are training Daxell and equipping him to start  meal centers at the gypsie camps. The idea is to begin with our meal center ministry, then progress to an adult Bible study, and then that will be the catalyst of a new church plant. We have seen this model be successful in the Philippines and we believe it will be a great way to compassionately help here while also beginning new churches. Please pray for this exciting new adventure and for the Wells family as they work hard to promote the gospel to these precious people.

Today we are going on a six hour journey to look at other towns and villages that don’t have churches. With us on this trip is brother Sam Hull, who has surrendered to missions in Albania. He is in the planning and preparation stage and surveying these potential areas.

Thanks so much for your prayers and partnership as we promote the gospel among some of the most marginalized and despised people in the world. I recall the words of the Lord Jesus when he said “I came to seek and to save that which is lost.”Thank you for helping us as we seek to ensure that they hear the good news!