Ministry Update 12-5-17

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving this past November!

Bro. Denny in South Dakota

Just yesterday Bro. Denny Mitchell of our Unsheltered International team traveled back home to Virginia all the way from South Dakota where he worked and ministered with Pastor Eric Schafnitz to the homeless native Americans in Rapid City for the past week. Great things happened! The love of Jesus was shown and the needy were cared for. The Word of God was preached and souls were saved! We are looking forward to sharing all about it in the next few days with a full report coming your way.

Pictured above is Pastor Eric talking with a few people who have just received care packages from himself and Bro. Denny.

TGIF is Going Strong

Since our first night back in August of this year, TGIF has been blessed greatly as a ministry to those in the streets of Bacolod City, Philippines. That first night we brought in 23 guests to be fed and refreshed and now on an average Friday night, we have no less than 30. It has grown so much that two extra bath stalls are being built so we can be sure that every guest has a chance to shower before they change into their fresh, new clothes.

Our clients love to come to the Rescue Center every week to get help and comfort. Sister Liza, who leads this ministry with her husband, Pastor Antonio, even said, “They are all excited for Friday night! They feel like they belong.” What an amazing thing to hear. Not only are their obvious needs being met through a meal, shower, new clothes, and medical attention, but they know how loved they are by the care being given to them.

Checking In

Our Unsheltered International-Philippines street ministry team really makes an effort to keep good relationships with our clients. One of the main ways they accomplish this is to visit them during the week when its not one of the scheduled evenings to go out. Especially when there is an extra need of a client.

For example this past Sunday after attending and serving at her church, staff member Lovely Javier went to check on a young client who had been stabbed in the ankle by a banana stick. She took the time to clean up and bandage his wound, trying to keep it safe from the dirty, infectious environment in which he lives.

Here you can see Lovely in her Unsheltered International shirt during street ministry.

Special Opportunities to Give!

The Gift Catalog

If you have looked on our website or follow us on Facebook I am sure that you have seen us mention our brand new Gift Catalog. It tells of many different ways you can give to help others! It also gives you good information about each UI ministry highlighted in the catalog.

If you haven’t already seen or received a Gift Catalog you can click here and go straight to our online version.

Children Christmas Fund

We are very excited for our big Christmas Party for our meal center children in the Philippines! It’s going to be so much fun for these kids and a real blessing for their families with the gifts we are planning to give.

The total funds for this event is $5,000.