Ministry Update 2-1-19

This week has been a busy one! We have been getting everything ready for our big winter revival for the unsheltered in New Orleans that will begin this Sunday morning. I am so thankful for the great facility that God has given us to work in here at our new warehouse in Cullman, AL.

We have been loading the trailers and thanks to the new warehouse, we have a heated space to do that in.

Please pray for our team of thirty five people as we descend upon New Orleans next week. Our emphasis will be preaching and encouraging the people on the streets to come to Christ. What some people may not realize is that many homeless people are Christians. They are struggling to make ends meet and are in desperate need for fellowship, instruction and encouragement. We plan to provide as much of that as we can in order to strengthen our brothers and sisters as well as throw the lifeline to those who are not yet believers.

One way that you can help us is to pray for our upcoming Facebook Live Fundraiser that we are having on Thursday March, 7th. This is our push to raise as much money as we can to help keep everything operating, keep our trucks rolling and keep preaching the gospel. Simply stated, we need all of our supporters to be super generous and help us next month to reach, or even exceed our goal of $30,000.00.

This year, my mom, Suzie Greene has joined with us to make phone calls telling about the fundraiser and soliciting support. Her goal is to get pledges before the March fundraiser happens. Mom worked with me for many years in Augusta, GA at the Garden City Rescue Mission and she is a true servant of the Lord.

In the last couple of years, mom has not been able to do much because she has been caring for my step-dad who has Alzheimers. They have had a very difficult time to say the least. But mom is a warrior. She is excited to be able to work with us on the fundraiser and do her part to serve. Please pray for her as she makes the calls and talks about our ministry to current and potential supporters. And if you see a Florida number on your caller ID, be sure to answer and encourage her! Here is a picture of mom and my step-dad Ray.

If you would like mom to call and speak with you personally, just reply to this email with you phone number and I will have her get in touch. Last year, several people made very large, sacrificial gifts to the ministry and we were so appreciative of that. Several people also gave $25 or $50 gifts. Every gift, no matter how large or small is a blessing and they enable us to help more and more people come to know Christ.

Thank you in advance for your gift and if you would like to learn more about the fundraiser, just click right here.



Travis Sharpe