Ministry Update 2-25-20

Today’s update is all about our Philippines ministry.Special thanks to Pastor and Mrs. Ner for their hard work and dedication.

In spite of all the things they don’t have, and even in the face of sickness and persecution, the Filipino people are resilient. I believe that our team is extra resilient. They continue to work hard to help the mentally ill homeless, the street children, and the many vulnerable children in our meal centers.

Sister Merliza told me that one of the young men who they have been helping is getting ready to go to Manila for training in a new job on a fishing boat. This will be hard work but it is an opportunity for a good income. James has lived on the streets for a while and worked very low-paying jobs but he is a very smart young man with great potential.

A couple years ago there was another young man named Peter who did the same thing and he still stays in contact with the team and is doing very well. He’s not on the streets anymore!

There is another client from the street ministry who has begun to sell vegetables to better their life and a few more who have recently gained employment as construction workers on a nearby island.

Meal centers

The meal centers are doing well and some of them have even increased in number over the past couple of months. One of the centers is operated by Pastor Ricky and Crossroad Community Baptist Mission In LaCastellana. He sent me this picture of a man named Edgardo. Edgardo was homeless and has no family so Pastor Ricky has been allowing him to stay at their church.

As always, the UIP team is compassionate and loving as they try to win every soul to Christ as they can and help as many people as they can with tangible needs such as food and shelter and clothing.

Please continue to pray for Pastor and Mrs. Ner, Pastor Ricky, and all of the UIP family as they serve the Lord with all their might. Please pray for good health and for God’s hand of protection and provision. As of now, Pastor’s Ricky’s meal center at LaCastellana is one that does not have a sponsor. Please help us pray for a sponsor for them.

Thanks for reading!

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