Ministry Update 2/27/15

We have made some major progress in the last week that will allow our ministry here in the Philippines to be a lasting one.
So, without any further ado,
Unsheltered International Philippines, Inc. has been established!
Unsheltered Logo
We are super excited because this is our very first international branch to be established as it’s own entity.
Here are some of the steps we took to get incorporated and what it will make possible. 

1. We established a board of directors and elected officers.
2015-02-26 21.43.34
L-R Pastor Antonio Ner, Merliza Ner, April Sharpe, Travis Sharpe, Pastor Jezer Manguilimutan

Our board of directors consists of two Americans, (myself and April), and three Filipino’s.

  • Pastor Antonio Ner is the Vice President
  • His wife Merliza Ner is the secretary
  • Pastor Jezer Manguilimutan is the Treasurer
We will add more members at later date but this is a solid group of individuals and I believe it’s exactly who the Lord wanted to get us started.
With a board of directors, the ministry will be able to operate and move forward even while we are back in the U.S. That is an answered prayer since we will not be able to be present here all of the time.
2. We have registered and been approved as an official organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The process here for starting a non profit ministry is much the same as it is in the U. S.
Our first step was to form the board of directors and then we applied to the Securities and Exchange Comission. We had to get an attorney to do the paperwork and file it for us.
Within one week everything was approved and we received our official seal and paperwork stating our purpose and containing out by-laws.
Now, we can own property and do business as a legal organization. This is a big one because we were able to register the new van we bought in the name of the organization and when the time comes, real estate can be purchased as well.
The next steps will be to file with the BIR, (Bureau of Internal Revenue), and then apply for our tax exempt status with them.
Thank you for helping to make all of this possible. We are praising God for all of the progress.
Prayer Requests
Please continue to pray that we would find a suitable property to use as our ministry headquarters in Bacolod. We have been searching daily but have had a hard time locating the right kind of place.
We are looking for a property that will be safe for the children who we are helping and one that our workers can also love in.
Most of the properties we have looked at so far are either too small and don’t fit our needs or they are too expensive for our budget.
when we do get a facility, we will start by bringing the children there on a daily basis for a hearty meal, help with school work, fun and games, and of course, lots of love and Bible teaching.
I’m certain that God has the perfect place waiting on us so just help us pray for guidance on this.
Answered Prayer!
April is feeling MUCH better this week. She had two solid weeks of sickness but she is regaining her strength now.
We are praising the Lord that he led us to a Christian doctor who is helping her. Once again God has shown himself to be faithful to us in our time of need.
Also, the children that we have been treating medically are doing MUCH better.
Their sores are healing just fine but is is a daily battle due to their living conditions.
This week we also treated the children for worms. A couple of the girls were very sick because of them but the medicine is working and the worms are coming out now. Yes, you read that correctly. Please pray for them because it is very dramatic when this happens.
A Praise!
This week we received our very first donation from a Filipino church. They have committed to supporting our ministry on a weekly basis. We are extremely grateful to have them as a partner.
Thanks again
We really appreciate how you follow these updates and support our ministry with your prayers and contributions. None of these great things would be possible without your help.