Ministry Update 3/20/15

This has been an amazing week for our family and ministry. So much has happened. In case I forget by the end of this, I want to go ahead and say thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and Michael and Eminem (the two boys we found). Also thank you to everyone who has donated, shared this story and promoted our ministry.

You are having a direct impact on many lives!

Update on the boys

The boys came home with us on Monday with the blessing of the DSWD. The last few days have been a blessing and a challenge for all of us.

We have tried our best to make them feel safe, loved and wanted. We have also tried to just let them be kids. One thing that life on the streets does is that it robs children of their childhood. Instead of toys, playing, and school, their days are filled with work.

They have to earn money to eat each day. They have to fend for themselves in every sense of the word. It is an extremely dangerous life.

Because of the help of our supporters, Michael and Eminem haven’t had to worry about those things for the past 9 days. They are safe and loved. At least for now.

We have purchased new clothing, shoes, beds, and lots of other needed items. They had nothing.

One thing we have learned is that you cannot fill these boys up. They eat everything in sight! They have brought incredible joy to our family over the past few days.




April has cleaned and wrapped Eminem’s wound each day and it is doing much better now. It is clean and beginning to heal. She also gives him his antibiotics three times a day. Please continue to pray that it will heal with no additional problems.









I will update you about the next steps when we know them. Right now we are just taking it one day at a time.

A great opportunity

As you may know, we have been searching for a building that we can use as our ministry center for over two months. Our search has revealed several things.

1. It is very difficult to find an appropriate building in the city.
2. What we have found is either extremely expensive or is just not suitable.

3. The kids need room to run and play safely. That kind of space is very hard to find.

Several weeks ago we looked at a piece of property that is for sale. It is one acre, bordered by a river, has a concrete wall and is secluded.

The property is just outside the city but not too far away. I liked the property and I have been praying about it now since my first visit.


We went back to see it again this week along with some local pastors and we all agree it would suit our needs. On this property we could.

1. Build a big home to serve as our first shelter/orphanage.
2. Add dormitories and a dining hall.
3. Plenty of room for basketball courts, gardens, etc.

4. Build a small school and other useful buildings.

The property would serve us well and we could build everything new and design it to suit our needs. It would also allow room for expansion.

Please join with us in prayer that, if is God’s will, he would provide it for us. I have come to believe that we need a place outside of the city for the kids. The city is a lure or magnet for them. It has all sorts of traps and dangers.

A property where they can be removed from that environment would be much better in the long run. I can envision kids running and jumping and playing on swing sets. I can envision school classes and seeing kids faces light up when they learn something new.

I can envision a big home right in the middle of the property and children feeling like part of a great big family.

Can you see it?

I am ready to see what God does!



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