Ministry Update 3/27/15

We have had a great week that was filled with both high points and low points.

As you probably know, on Monday we reunited Michael and Eminem with their mother. That was one of the proudest moments of our lives while at the same time one of the toughest things that we have ever done.

Our house has bee quiet and we have gone back to work on the streets in Bacolod City helping lots of other children and adults. I will introduce you to a few of them now.


This group of 11 kids live together on the streets downtown. We met them for the first time on Thursday morning and then we went back to see them again Friday morning. The oldest in this group is 20 and the youngest is 11, I think.



They are from different areas around Bacolod and all come from broken homes with similar stories. One of the girls was complaining of a bad stomach ache and after April spent some time talking with her about it we think it might be a urinary tract infection. Please pray as we continue to try and help her. (That’s her in the blue shirt with the heart and her name is Pinky)



This boy’s name is Joseph and we found him sleeping all alone on the sidewalk early Thursday morning. We bought him breakfast and spent some time talking to him while he ate.

We gave the owner of the little store some money and instructed Joseph to come back there for the next three mornings and eat breakfast. Maybe I’m on to something with that idea?

girls with Angelica

The little girll in the picture (that April is holding) is Angelica. Friday was her 13th birthday and we tried to make it a good one for her. Angelica lives in a squatter area with her mom and the first time we met her was over a month ago when she was sleeping on the street.


The first time we met Angelica she had sores all over her body because of a bacterial infection. That’s her with April.


We have been working with her and her family since the first day we met them and her mom was recently saved and baptized. Angelica and several friends from her area will be joining us at the church youth camp next week so we bought a four of them new clothes. Please say a prayer for them next week.

In other news

It was an honor and a privilege for me to get to baptize 9 new converts last week. Most of these folks are a direct result of our ministry here in Bacolod City and we were so happy that they wanted to take the step of obedience and be baptized.



baptism circle

I will have to say that it was a real challenge though because the water was rough and filled with big, sharp rocks. In fact, one young man was dunked twice because a big wave came and I had to do it over!

It was a great time and after everyone was baptized we gathered in a circle, sang a hymn and prayed together.

Several projects going on now

We have several projects that we are currently working on. I covet your prayers and support as we build and grow.

Finishing our nipa hut at Handumanan

Several weeks ago we built a nipa hut in a village called Handumanan. We built the hut because we had no good place to hold our weekly feeding center ministry for the children. Since building this simple structure made of bamboo and nipa, our attendance has tripled.


Each week 60-80 children gather here to eat, sing songs and hear a Bible story. The rainy season will be here soon so we need to finish this project up by adding a level concrete floor. We will have to purchase hollow blocks, dirt, rocks and cement.

I estimate the remainder of this project to cost $500

The property

Last week I mentioned that we found a property that would be suitable for our ministry. I was thrilled to receive the first gift this week for that property. We were given a gift of $4000. I would say that’s a great start wouldn’t you?


We have a long way to go so please pray for the rest to be provided as we continue to move forward. The price of the property, including all paperwork and fees is $62,500. We are already making plans for the buildings and we are excited about the future.

Weekly food needs

Each week we are providing hot meals for over 200 children in 10 separate locations. This includes kids that live under bridges, at the dump, in squatter camps and poor rural villages. We are also taking meals now to the children sleeping on the streets.

Bernado serving

Can anyone guess who the young man that is serving is? Look for a story I will write in a the upcoming days that will bless your socks off about this boy!

We need partners who will give on a monthly basis to help us continue to serve these children. Your contributions will ensure that hungry kids receive good meals and also hear the gospel message that can feed them for a lifetime.


How to help

To give for any of these needs, click here.

To become a monthly partner and sponsor our program, click here.

Once again, thank you for your love, prayers and support. Without you, this would be a lonely and difficult ministry!

God bless,


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