Ministry Update 5/8/15

Hello everyone. I hope you have had a great week. As usual, this week has flown by and we have been busy with many  activities. Here’s a little bit of what we have been doing.

Treatment for Claudine and Lolo

During our medical clinic a few days ago we met several people who needed additional medical treatment. I believe that there was a total of six children that we hospitalized for immediate treatment for issues such as pneumonia and dysentery. It was great to have Pastor Todd Crusenberry with us to help make those decisions.


Claudine is a six year old girl who was obviously very sick. When the missionary doctor examined her she immediately suspected a case of hepatitis. We made plans for testing to be done the next week so that we could get answers for this young girl and her family. Genevieve was able to take them on Wednesday for the lab work and the results showed that she has hepatitis A. We are purchasing the medicine and starting her on treatment immediately.

The good news is that our interest in helping Claudine has made an impact on her family. Her mom and dad wanted to attend church with us and they have been twice already. Please pray for Claudine and for her family.

Lolo (which means grandfather in Tagalog) is someone we have know for quite a while now. He was saved a couple months ago and I baptized him in the ocean shortly thereafter! When we held the medical clinic in the place where he lives, he was able to explain some of his recent health problem to the doctor.

2015-03-15 03.05.26

The doctor suspected TB and recommended that he get some x-rays. Thanks to our donors we were able to pay for his x-ray a couple days ago and it was confirmed that he has a severe case of TB. Thankfully, there is a way for adults in the Philippines to receive free treatments for TB. He will start the treatments as soon as possible.

 Preparations for VBS

Next week we will be hosting a Vacation Bible School for about 120 children at Crossroad Community Baptist Church. This week the kids and April have been very busy making plans and last minute preparations for a great VBS.

File May 08, 3 10 51 PM

The theme is ‘Superhero’s for Christ”. Help us pray that the kids are blessed and they learn exactly what they need to through the lessons and activities.

Update on April’s health

we want to thank everyone for your continued prayer for my wife April. As you may know, a couple weeks ago she was hospitalized for several days and underwent a series of tests. This came about because of continual bouts with extreme fatigue and sickness that we could not explain.

After several doctors saw her, a neurologist was the one to come up with a possible diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. It’s a neuromuscular disease that affects the voluntary muscles of the body causing “grave” weakness. Her diagnosis isn’t official because they don’t have the proper tests here.

Thanks to our friend Kristy, April has an appointment with a neurologist at the University of Alabama Birmingham on June 8th, six days after we get home. We are praying that the specialists there will be able to get her on a good treatment path and that her health will greatly improve.

Right now she is having good and bad days. She is on medication that is helping but it is still a real struggle for her. The hardest part is not being able to participate in the daily ministry that she knows God has called her to. As you pray for her, please pray that she would be encouraged even when she feels like she’s not fulfilling her purpose.

Barangay 16 prerarations

Yesterday we took supplies to Barangay 16 in preparation of our new meal center which will start tomorrow. We have been granted permission to use the kitchen in the Barangay hall so we spent a little time cleaning it up and getting everything ready.

File May 08, 3 11 59 PM

There are dozens of children in this area and we are super excited about our brand new opportunity to reach them. I want to thank Pastor Steve Dixon, Ronnie Ellis and the other folks from Porter’s Grove Baptist Church in Rising Sun, MD for sponsoring this new meal center. Without their sponsorship, we wouldn’t be able to add this location.

Coming up

Several weeks ago, with the help of our readers, we put together a first aid kit in a backpack and began to carry it with us everywhere we went. It has been a huge blessing and that spurred another idea that I will tell you about next week as I share with you everything that we included in the kit.


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