Ministry Update 6-5-20

I wanted to touch base with you today and give a brief update with a few praises and prayer requests. Let’s start off with the praises!

We are very thankful that, through the recent pandemic and quarantine, the giving to Unsheltered has remained steady. This is a real testament to our regular supporters, to the churches, and to the Lord’s people in general. Thank you so much for helping us to be able to continue our very important work during times like these.

Also, our volunteer crew here in Cullman who help us keep the warehouse organized by processing all of the donations that come in each week has been able to continue week after week. We get lots of clothing and other items each week so their volunteer efforts are vital. If they are not working, we simply get overrun with everything.

Another praise to report is that the Philippines team has had a total of 241 people who made decisions for Christ since March. God has shown himself mighty in that!

As far as prayer requests go, we have been helping a few people here in Cullman who have very tough situations. A husband and wife, Mark and Cagney, are in need of a real miracle. They are homeless, both of them battling serious illnesses, and cannot work. Mark has been rushed to the hospital three times in the last couple weeks due to seizures. Please pray for a breakthrough on their behalf.

Another gentleman, Carlton, is battling mental illness and currently homeless. He is sweet and gentle, yet his illness causes the help we provide to be a challenge. Please pray for stability of mind so that he can have some rest and be sheltered on a permanent basis. 

Dakota and Makaliah are a young couple who I have been helping some. They are sleeping in their car and she has some very serious health concerns. He is working a steady job and I think the biggest need there is salvation and education. Please pray for God to do a work in their hearts. I wish I could share the pictures of all these folks so that you could have a face with the names but sometimes it’s just not the appropriate thing to do.

Thank you again for your generosity towards us and your prayers for the above mentioned needs and of course, all of our ongoing ministry.