Ministry Update 6/19/15

Next week will be big for Unsheltered International. Dozens and dozens of homeless men, women and children will receive help and hope as they experience our four day long resource clinic and revival in Bristol, VA.


But here’s the amazing part, the entire event has been planned, and will be led, by our four partner churches in Bristol. I will be there and be working and preaching, but they have lined everything up and done the hard work already. They have taken ownership of the event that will be held in their city and that makes it much better all the way around.

You see, its good to go somewhere and do ministry. But it’s better to go somewhere and start an on-going ministry in which the people who live there can carry on long after you leave. That’s our goal and it has happened in Bristol because of several hard working and compassionate pastors and church members.

 Our partners

 Several years ago I spent time out on the streets searching for homeless men and women with Pastor Tim Crusenberry of Beulah Land Baptist Church. I shared what I know about doing that and Pastor Crusenberry caught on very quickly and has never lost his passion for finding those in need and helping them.

As a matter of fact, Tim led the resource clinic for us this year in PA and he is also the leader for this one in Bristol next week.

His brother, Todd Crusenberry, who pastors Community Baptist Church also ministers to the homeless on a regular basis. Their church has several different outreaches throughout the year helping poor families, children and also people who are homeless.

Pastor Todd is also the one who took me on my first trip to the Philippines and introduced me to his missionaries there that we now serve with.

Their cousin, Pastor Eddie Crusenberry, pastors Calvary Bible Church in Bristol. He has been a very important part of the previous resource clinics in Bristol and now their church has a monthly program that serves meals downtown.

That ministry was started by Joel Wray and his 9 year old daughter Brooklyn. Eddie is their pastor and he and the church rallied to support Joel and Brooklyn when they started Soup For The Soul more than a year ago.

Pastor Rex Carter of Central Baptist Church also pitches in and helps with the Resource Clinics.

Those are our partner churches and what started as a small ministry is now a very diverse one that helps a lot of people on a regular basis.

What exactly is a resource clinic?

A resource clinic is an event we put on to bring much needed resources to the homeless people in a particular community. We have resources ranging from haircuts to clothing and tons more.

There is also singing, preaching, counseling and a big meal.

Read all about the details of these events here.

Next week in Bristol we are taking it a bit further and stretching it into a four day event with revival services each evening. Brother Billy Sampson and Kenny Marr will join us and it is sure to be a productive week. We will begin on Wednesday the 24th and go through Saturday the 27th.

Our good friend, Chris Russell will also be joining us. Chris and his family have a ministry in Haiti but they also have a clothing ministry here in the United States and they provide all of the clothes for the resource clinics. We are extremely grateful for their involvement.

Want to help?

You can make a donation to help with next weeks big event by clicking here.

As always, I am grateful for your prayers and support for our ministry at home and overseas. Thank you for being involved!