Ministry Update 7/3/15

This has been a busy week for our staff in Bacolod City, Philippines. I communicate with them on an almost daily basis and to be honest, sometimes it is just heartbreaking. This week was one of those times because they met a lady named Herminia who lives out on the streets and has a severe infection on her back.


In the picture above, our staff member, Genevieve, sits and talks with Herminia. Two days per week our staff and volunteers hit the streets in search of people who need the help and hope of the gospel. They found Herminia and her two children sleeping early in the morning in front of a supermarket.


They found out that they sleep there in the streets partly because their house is not much better. With no electricity, no running water and the extreme heat, this family, like many others, seek help and shelter in other places. Here is a picture of their house.


The family was still asleep on the sidewalk when our team approached. They woke them and offered breakfast which they were glad to receive. As Genevieve was ministering to them, that’s when she discovered the badly infected boil on Herminia’s back. Here is a picture.


They gave her some first aid to help immediately and then took her to the doctor who recommended hospitalization and a minor surgery. We are now helping her with all of this.

I wish I could tell you that severe problems like this one are rare, but the fact of the matter is that we meet many people who are silently suffering like this.

You can make a difference for Herminia and others like her by donating now.

Six people receive the Lord

The same morning that they met Herminia and her family, they met several other people. Six of them received the Lord as their Savior after Pastor Ricky and Brother Kinly spent time sharing the gospel with them.

Among those six were a 45 year old man, several teenagers and a 12 year old boy. Please help us pray that these new converts will attend church and follow in believers baptism.

Update on April’s health

Most of you know that my wife April has been battling health problems. The doctor she is seeing in BIrmingham has officially diagnosed her with the auto immune disease, Myasthenia Gravis.

She is now on two medications and they seem to be helping. Please continue to pray for her as she has some good days and some bad days. We are asking God for a complete healing.

In conclusion

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and that the rain doesn’t spoil too much of your fun! I had grand plans to cook on my big bbq grill but it looks like we will downscale that and have some hamburgers cooked inside!

God bless,



P.S. Herminia’s surgery and hospitilazation will be costly but we are committed to helping her. Your donation will help us keep our word to her and also help many others. Thank you!