Ministry Update 7-1-20

For most of us, a hotel room is a resource we use while traveling for work  or vacation. It’s an extra, something we only need once in a while. Our real residence is back home where our family and all of our stuff is.

Sadly, that’s not the case for some. There are people like Marina, a lady we are currently ministering to. She has called a motel room home since May. She is in her late forties and has two teenage children. Her $8 per hour job is only enough to buy food and a few nights per month at the hotel.

We were called a few weeks ago by a concerned employee at the hotel to see if we could step in and help. When Tara met Marina she found a lady who was genuinely struggling to make ends meet. She doesn’t use drugs or alcohol. She isn’t wasting away her paycheck. She found herself in a bad relationship last year and had to move for her and her kids protection.

We have helped to fill the gap for her by paying for the hotel room over the last few weeks as well as providing some food and other items. Tara has also been counseling with her and guiding her through the process of finding a new home. That however, is not an easy chore. Many of the apartment complexes are not taking in new residents due to Covid-19. Many others are simply out of her price range. Another factor is that she needs to be in town within walking distance of where she works.

Adding all of these challenges up can be very discouraging for someone who is fighting for their life and family. That’s why our ministry is so important. We fill in the gaps when there is no one else to help. Often times we are the only thing standing between utter hopelessness and a ray of light.

We need you to help us pray that God will move in Marina’s situation. It’s going to take him opening a few new doors of opportunity for things to work out in her favor. Pray for a better job, an affordable place to live, and most of all for her spiritual needs to be met.

There are many others like Marina that we assist every week. People who are on their last leg of hope and are reaching out for something, anything that can make a difference. We understand the only real and lasting difference is the gospel. However, a hotel room and a whole lot of compassion can go a long way in bridging the gap and showing that the Lord really does care for them and love them.

Thanks for reading and praying!

If you would like to help Marina, and others like her, you can make a contribution here.