Ministry Update 8/21/15

I hope you are doing well and that your week has been a good one. I am in SC right now (headed home later today) and we have had a busy week.

Last week I had the privilege of preaching at Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC. That’s where I went to Bible College. But the reason we were here in SC was to attend the funeral services of our friend Mrs. Patsy Parker. Patsy was not only a friend to our family but she was also a great friend to our ministry.


She was one of our best supporters and she often gave to help us on our mission trips and special projects. Earlier this week I wrote a memorial about her on our blog that you can read by clicking here.

Pancake Breakfast

We are getting excited about the pancake breakfast that we are going to have on Saturday, August 29th. It will be at Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL at 9:00 am. The purpose of the breakfast is to get together with those of you who have helped support our mission in the Philippines. We just want to say thank you and have a time of fellowship as we give a full report.

During the breakfast you will hear from myself, my wife April, our kids and Pastor Jeff Robertson. I want to invite you to come even if you are new to our ministry. Hopefully we can meet new people and just have a great time. It is completely free and will be a great blessing to all.

This week in the Philippines

It has been an exciting week in our Philippines ministry. Pastor Antonio Ner and his wife Merliza have been leading the way and making a real difference among the children who live on the streets.

Here is just one of the pictures they sent me this week of their street visitation.


They are bringing these children to the church services and also allowing them to shower and have the opportunity to clean up. They need to be able to purchase some new clothes and shoes for these children because many of them don’t have anything that is in good condition. If you would like to give toward that need you can do so by clicking here.

Update on Drawnjo

You may remember me telling you a while back about little Drawnjo Salon. He is the young boy who had tuberculosis of the bone and needed a back brace. Some of our supporters gave for that brace and the first step was to make a mold for the brace. You can read about that here.


After several weeks of waiting, he finally received his much needed brace last week. As you can see in the picture, he is very happy to have what he needs. I don’t know about you but it sure does my heart good to be able to see these kids receiving the real, practical help that we are giving.

Thank you

As always, thank you for your support, prayers and help in our ministry. And, if you could help us out by sharing this blog/email with a friend I would greatly appreciate it. We need to spread the word about everything God is doing!