Ministry Update 8/7/15

This week was eventful to say the least! My daughter Sarah and I headed for VA last Saturday because I was scheduled to preach in Bland, VA on Sunday morning. We wound up in Abingdon, VA Saturday afternoon visiting our friends Denny and Melissa Mitchell.

Denny and Melissa have recently surrendered their lives to be full time missionaries to the homeless and they are in the process of raising their support. What I appreciate about them is that they stay busy ministering to people as they go. I’ve been helping Denny by teaching him about homeless ministry so Saturday afternoon we took advantage of a few extra hours and went out on the streets in search of homeless camps right there in his town.

As we searched we talked about what to do and some things not to do. I love to share with others what God has taught me about this subject. We had a good afternoon and we found one active homeless camp and a few other places where people had previously lived out in the woods.

It was well after 10 pm when Sarah and I finally arrived at our hotel in Wytheville, VA. The next morning we were blessed to be able to preach and give an update about our ministry to Heritage Baptist Church. After church the preachers wife made us a home cooked meal which was a real blessing because I had had all the fast food I could stand! After a while on the road you just crave some biscuits and green beans!

Sunday evening we made our way down to Bristol where I preached and Sarah sang at Beulah Land Baptist Church. We were going to head home on Monday morning but I got invited to go fishing in the Holston River and just couldn’t pass that opportunity up! Pastor Todd Crusenberry and I had a great time and I won’t tell you who caught the most fish because he might read this and those are his home waters:)

In between church services Sunday afternoon I was walking across a parking lot and the front left tire of my car caught my eye. I’m not sure how I went brain dead and failed to rotate the tires on our car and keep them up properly but I’m going to go ahead and own up to it. My two front tires were in such bad shape they were literally unsafe to drive across town, much less home.

I thank God that Pastor Eddie Crusenberry and Calvary Bible Church blessed us with a brand new set of tires! Since they couldn’t be installed until Tuesday morning, we got to stick around for the first night of revival at Calvary Bible on Monday night.

Our friends Billy Sampson and C.T. Townsend were doing the revival and it was a real blessing to see them both. It was a great service and one 19 year old young man even surrendered to the ministry.

We left after the tires were put on Tuesday morning and only got an hour down the road before we started having car trouble. We had to stop several times and even wound up spending the night in Chattanooga but finally made it home Wednesday morning. I guess at some point these things are to be expected with as many miles as we travel.

Today I am flying to MD where I will be teaching our Good Samaritan Class tomorrow and then preaching on Sunday at Porters Grove Baptist Church. On Monday Pastor Steve Dixon and I are going to Washington DC to visit the Philippine Embassy about our missionary visas. I would appreciate your prayers for this very full weekend of ministry.

Don’t miss this

On Saturday, August 29th, we are having a pancake breakfast at Temple Baptist Church (our home church) in Cullman, AL. This isn’t a fundraiser, it’s just a way for us to get together and give a good report about our ministry in the Philippines and say thank you for your support. Our family will be talking about our adventures and our missions and outreach pastor Jeff Robertson will also be speaking.

You won’t want to miss the delicious meal and great information as we share about the awesome things that God is doing for the children in the Philippines. We’ll be showing a short new video that we have and answering some questions as well. We created a Facebook event for the breakfast so if you are on Facebook and plan to come, please let us know by confirming here I sure do hope you can come!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week for another update.