Missions in Honduras

309870_362966983811467_867410613_n copyWhat if one day, you woke up to find the only water you could drink, shower, or cook with was from a muddy creek, riddled with feces.

 This is more than a “what if” scenario everyday in Honduras. This disease infested water is a reality that we here find hard to embrace and understand, it‘s killing people.

Unsheltered International has the opportunity to go to the Yoro region of Honduras to help install portable, inexpensive, highly efficient water disinfection systems based on simple chlorine generators that run on a 12-volt battery and salt. Working with Edge Outreach we will help to install, operate, and maintain self-contained mini-water treatment plants that can generate up to 38,000 liters of drinkable water daily (enough for about 10,000 people).

water purification picHowever, the by-products manufactured in the water purification process can be used to disinfect medical equipment and kill mosquito larvae, reducing the risk of death from unsanitary conditions and malaria. These purification systems save lives’, but while there we will most importantly be teaching and preaching about Christ, the one who gives eternal life.

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