New Book Released by Travis Sharpe

After much anticipation, I am happy to say that my new book, 50 Practical Ways You Can Help The Homeless, has finally hit Amazon and is available for purchase!

This is a BIG day for me because it’s my very first book to be published. I sure did learn a lot in this process too! I learned that there’s way more to the process than just having a good idea or even putting those ideas into a written format. So, this is an accomplishment that I’m proud of and I hope it will be the first of many more books to come.

Some of you received my first Ebook draft of 50 Practical Ways You Can Help The Homeless a year or so ago. Your input helped me to improve and expand this new published edition, and I really appreciate that help.

The book is now divided into four helpful sections for easy reading and reference. The sections are:

  • Acts of kindness
  • A hand up
  • Sharing your faith
  • Going the extra mile

The new book also has an introduction, an author bio and helpful tips as you put the suggestions into practice (those tips are extremely valuable and can save you lots of heartache and even disappointment.)

All of the ideas in this book are things that I have done to help people throughout the last twenty years. There are also a few ideas that were given to me by others who have lots of experience helping people who are homeless.

This book will be helpful for someone who is looking for ways to reach out for the first time as well as a handy resource guide for ministers with plenty of experience. (You may want to buy a copy for someone you know that has a big heart for the down and out.)

The book is published by WestBow Press which is a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. It is available in soft cover as well as Ebook format.

Purchase your copy from Amazon by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt from the back cover:

Have you driven past someone standing at an intersection with a sign that reads “homeless, anything helps”? Did you want to help but just didn’t know what to do or where to start?

 In Fifty Practical Ways You Can Help the Homeless, author Travis Sharpe answers those questions. Click here to continue reading the back cover

I am praying that God will use this book to empower many people to get out and help somebody! I hope you will order your copy today!

You will also be doing me a huge favor if you will leave a review on Amazon after you read the book. Reviews help others who are considering purchasing (especially people who have never heard of the author.)

I really appreciate your time and I hope you will add my new book to your library today!

Thank you so much,

Travis Sharpe