New ministry in Southport, NC

I spent the day today in the Southport, NC area with my friend Allen Hulin. Allen and his wife have a calling to this area to minister to the homeless. They uprooted their lives and left their jobs and family to move here and follow Gods will for their lives.

We spent most of today out on the streets in several towns uncovering the places where people are living in the woods. Below is Brother Allen at a homeless camp we found today.



We we found several places where folks were camping in the woods like this single tent that was beside a busy highway but hidden from plain view.


We met a couple men in the Walmart parking lot who were living is the woods also. We were able to talk to them for a good while and then give them some care packages and gospel tracts.

perhaps the most heartbreaking part of today was finding this gentleman below who was passed out in the woods. We didn’t know if he was even alive at first. We finally woke him and made sure he was breathing. After a brief conversation, we left him with a care package and a tract as well.


please pray for this brand new ministry in this area where there is no shelter and very little resources. Pray also that Brother Allen would be able to win these folks to The Lord and help them overcome homelessness.

Tomorrow I will be teaching my brand new Good Samaritan course here at their church. This course gives a church a comprehensive plan on ministering to the homeless in their area. Check out the course here.

Thanks for reading,