New Orleans Resource Clinic


Welcome Volunteers!


We are excited that you have joined us for the resource clinic here in New Orleans. It’s going to be great and God is going to do great things!


Below you will find the different job assignments. Please look for your name and take note of the area we have you assigned to work. If you do not see your name, don’t worry, just text Travis at 803-640-7021 and he will plug you in.

There are some helpful notes at the bottom of this page so please read it all!



Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Holly White

Jennifer Tutor

Ashley Paseur

Rebecca Carter

Kody Moore

Tiffany Ponder



Person in Charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Tanner Young

Kevin Horne

Tara Rhea


Birth certificates

Person in charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Tanner Young

Alyssa Jackson

Catherine Black

Brenda Scates


Reading glasses

Person in charge- Hunter Sharpe

Host- Perry Tutor

Amy Cook

Calvin White

Halee Rhea


Give away

Person in Charge- Hunter Sharpe

Lilly Crofford

Jake D.



Person in charge- Chris & Lisa Russell

Host- Russ White

Lori Horne

Katie Pinkston

Anna (from Mt. Pleasant)

Tiffani Rowen



Person in charge- Denny Mitchell

Becky White

Christina Taylor

Larry Meeks

Barrett Griffin

David Hogan

Carrie Perkins



Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Teresa Hogan

Peggy Meeks

Jimmy Howell

Jason (from Mt. Pleasant)

Cole (from Mt. Pleasant)



Person in charge- Paul Stensrud

Andrew Heptinstall (from Temple) and Robbie Perkins

Clint Owens and Shawn Rouse (from Sardis Lake)

Waymon Meeks and BJ Wingington (from Unity)

Jim Hogan and Bobby Paseur (from Unity)


Coffee and snack station

Donald Wright



Person in charge- Mark and Jennifer Helms

Host- Mark Helms

Jennifer Helms

Marissa Crofford

Amanda Smith

Kim Battles

Peggy Lindsay



Person in charge- Steve Dixon

Sarah Bagwell

Savannah Smith

Keri Burgett

Kerry Pittman

Kay Meeks

Emily Wigington

Brandi Carter

Matt Cofer

Cody Hall

Kayla (from Mt. Pleasant)

Paige (from Mt. Pleasant)

Jake M. (from Mt. Pleasant)

Lilly (from Mt. Pleasant)

Casey (from Mt. Pleasant)

Tana (from Mt. Pleasant)

Iasiah (from Mt. Pleasant)

Katelyn Manley

Amy West



Person in charge- Steve Dixon

Pat Dye

Shaun Taylor

Keith Bryant

Keith Rhea


Food Plating

Person in charge- Steve Dixon

Bobby Paseur

Melissa Owens

Hailey (from Mt. Pleasant)

Rylee (from Mt. Pleasant)



Person in charge- Steve Dixon

Beverly Britt

Kaitlyn Paseur



Blake Battles


Care giver

Person in charge- Travis Sharpe

Allison Perry

Kenzi (from Mt. Pleasant)



Person in Charge- Hunter Sharpe

Emma Pugh

Courtney Gillespie



Person in charge- Michael Bonacum (Doc)

Patricia Putman

Olivia Gordon

Alicia Hogan

Bethany Fletcher

Ashley Bryant

Billy Taylor



Jake Sanders






Person in charge- Travis Sharpe

Blake Battles

Will Perry

Noelle Griffin

Susie Brady

Melissa Brady

Sarah Bagwell


Trailer transport

Tim Barbee


Face painting/Nails

Person in charge- Sabrina Payne

Macie Burgin

Lexie Burdette

Lillie Burdette

Emily Mitchell

Summer Payne



Special Notes

The address for the resource clinic is:

Cosmopolitan Evangelistic Baptist Church
1929 Bienville St
New Orleans, LA


Arrival Time for Saturday morning

Please arrive no later than 9:30 am. If you are assigned to work in registration, please be as early as you can. We will begin setting things up at 7:30 am so anytime after that is fine to arrive. If you want to help with setting up the tents, chairs, etc, be there as early as possible.


When you arrive

The first thing you should do when you arrive (at the resource clinic site) is go to the registration tent and register. You will give your name and also receive a name tag. After that, you can help with with setting up.


Pre-event meeting

We will have a meeting at 10:30 am. We will give some final instructions and then you will go to your station to receive instructions from the person in charge of your area.


When you will eat lunch

All volunteers need to eat lunch before the event officially begins. The time for this is 11-11:45. There will be a designated area for you to eat lunch that is kind of out of sight. We need you to go ahead and eat so that when the guests begin to arrive you are ready to serve in your area.


Order for the day

We will be working all morning to set up and get things ready, but the clinic doesn’t actually begin until 12.

Here is the flow:

11 am-We start letting guest come in and sit down and have coffee and a snack.

12 pm- we will begin the church service

1 pm (or close to that)- we will open the resource stations

1-4 pm- everything is open and running

4 pm (or until last person is served)- finish and tear down.


Pictures from the outreach earlier in the week with Exit 0