Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response

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Disaster Relief Follow Up Visit 7-5-13

Late Tuesday night, Staff member Tim Barbee and volunteer Paul Brodeur, left to Oklahoma to follow up on the disaster relief center at Moore Baptist Temple Church.  After some rest, Tim preached the following night at the church while Preacher Larson and family stepped away to rest for a bit. With week 5 coming up on the disaster relief center running wide open, the brake was well needed.

IMG_1238Thursday morning started with boxing up food and hygiene products to take to Shawnee, OK. An area that we were told had been lacking help. So, stacked high with water, rakes, shovels, gloves, food items, baby items, and tools they headed off. Thankfully when Tim and Paul arrived, it was a pleasant surprise to see multiple organizations, from biker clubs to the boy scouts had come together and built a distribution center of their own! It was a some what large operation with a tent set up for supplies and food and another for cooking.

After some planning between Pastor Larson and Travis Sharpe , IMG_1253Tim and Paul were able to meet up with missionaries to Haiti, Chris and Lisa Russel. Chris and Lisa have a clothing ministry, where they take the time to separate, clean and distribute clothing to families in need.  This was a huge blessing as they knocked door to door at a motel full of 20 different families displaced from the tornado’s.

While knocking door to door, Tim and Chris met a man named Michael who had been living in the hotel with his girlfriend since the tornado’s took everything they owned away, including his job. While they were able to spend some time talking with Michael, he seemed to have a hardened broken heart, and wasn’t willing  to accept anything right now. Tim and Chris asked him if he knew Christ, and while Michael said he did, he was vary adamant that he was not ready to give his heart to him fully. Tearfully Chris and Tim prayed for Michael, and went on to the next door.

IMG_1239A month later, the torn landscape is being cleared away. There are no longer reporters on every corner asking questions and taking photos. The disaster relief organization have trimmed down substantially and volunteers no longer swarm to find a place to help. Although to the outsiders it seems as if things are settling; to those that lost their homes, their jobs, or even their child, or sibling, things are far from settling.

Along with numerous families living in the hotels and motels, IMG_1250Sheltered Box donated tents to those who had no where to go. This left some families who either couldn’t stomach leaving or just simply didn’t have anywhere else to go, camped on their property where their homes used to sit.

Though the initial response is over, there is still a great need of volunteers and donation. There are still volunteers out there, but they  are getting tired and could use some help! If you are interested in volunteering, please call Nikki Anderson at (620) 875-3731 or Sven Larson (Pastor of Moore Baptist Temple) at (405) 406-1491.

Its never to late to help! Click here to make a donation today!

Please pray for Michael and many other just like him who have yet to trust Christ. Please also pray for the Pastor, his family,Tim and Paul!


Thursday, Moore, OK  Update 6-12-13

In the distribution center at Moore Baptist Temple, April Sharpe helped a gentleman get toiletries and other supplies as he told her what happened to his family on May, 20th during the devastating Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

He shook as he spoke of the tragedy. He was at work and his wife and teenage son were home alone. Fearing the storm, they took cover in the bathtub with a mattress from one of their beds covering them. The violent storm shook their entire house but they didn’t realize just how dad it was until it was all over.

IMG_0472When they pushed the mattress off of them, the only wall left standing was the one attached to their bathtub! They escaped with their lives, but that’s all. No possessions, nothing.

It is families like this one who have suffered great loss that inspire us to respond to disasters. We hit the ground on May 23rd, and served our first meal that afternoon. For sixteen straight days we served three meals each day, serving a total of just over 7,700 meals.

We relied on countless volunteers to deliver these meals and help us help those in need.

Now that the emergency meal phase is over, we are helping coordinate volunteer groups. We are in need of groups that can volunteer on the weekends at Moore Baptist Temple by assisting in the distribution center and in the months to come, helping to rebuild.

Working through this local church is great because the help can continue for months and years to come. We are very grateful to every church, family and business that has helped us thus far with our efforts in Moore. We know The Lord has blessed every effort and every dollar and that people are receiving help in Jesus name!


Thursday 6-6-13 12:00 pm Update by Travis Sharpe

Tim with coastguard - Copy

We are thankful for the U.S. Coastguard sending in a group of 9 to help us with one final push in our meal delivery and organization. In the picture above, Tim Barbee is explaining to the Guardsmen where to deliver meals. They have been here all day working hard doing every chore we give them. What a help they have been!

Today is also our transition day. We are transitioning from our emergency food ministry to the long term care for families. Today marks day 16 of our efforts here in Moore. We have served over 7,750 hot meals and assisted dozens of families with a multitude of various needs.

Lunch today was our final meal and our kitchen and equipment will now be transported home. We have partnered with a group from Texas to serve meals to the same people we have been assisting throughout the weekend.

From this point forward, we will be assisting Moore Baptist Temple with their distribution center. We have set this up for a long-term effort and will be able to give much needed supplies to hundreds of families for months to come.

We are in need of groups to help on the weekends here at Moore Baptist Temple. Groups are needed to load/unload trucks, organize goods, and assist families in need. For more information on volunteering on the weekends please call Nikki Anderson at (620) 875-3731 or Sven Larson (Pastor of Moore Baptist Temple) at (405) 406-1491.

There is still much work to be done so if you can serve for a weekend please call! Thanks to everyone for you help serving the people of Oklahoma.

Saturday 6-1-13 7:41 (CST) Update by Travis Sharpe

Last night was very hard for everyone in the Oklahoma City area, our team included. Tim, Adrienne and our volunteers literally had to outrun a tornado in their vehicles and we thank The Lord that they are all safe.

They returned back to our site to find the church and our equipment basically all intact. They went to work firing up generators and getting things ready for this morning.

Our teams have been out this morning accessing t he surrounding areas.

April and I were in Augusta, GA yesterday for a couple of events we had planned. We are at the airport in Augusta right now getting ready to board a plane to get back to Moore this afternoon. We expect that after last nights storms we will be very busy for the next several days.

We want to thank each of you that prayed so very hard last night for our safety and well being. Please continue to pray for the people that that were affected and especially those that lost loved ones in the storms last night.

Friday 5-31-13 Update

We continue to be super busy serving meals and meeting all kinds of needs here in Moore. Just yesterday, Tim helped a man that was homeless and got stranded in the storms while he was traveling. He got new socks, shoes and many other items to help him along the way.

We have been battling stormy conditions for the last two days and today there is another threat of severe weather. These storms have caused many of the volunteers and operations to shut down early for the sake of safety.

Even with these complications, we have served thousands of meals in the past week and a half. We are so grateful for all of the supply deliveries that have come in from various states. The monetary donations have allowed us to run a great relief operation too.

Tyson foods has been very good to supply us meats and several families have been dropping things off as well.

We are utilizing volunteers to deliver hot meals out into the communities that need it the most. We still need people that can do this for us. Just show up at Moore Baptist Temple at 2501 Broadway St. in Moore and we will load you up! For lunch be there at 10:45 and to deliver supper be there at 4:45.

Working closely with Moore Baptist Temple and Pastor Larson, we are sending work crews out to cut trees, clean up debris and help in other ways as well. All of the groups have done a great job.

Two immediate needs are:

Today we are in need of some freezer space. We have places to put freezers so if you could help us get some at the church it would be a blessing.

Also needed is shelving to put the clothes on in our clothing distribution area. I think they can use various types and would be happy to get any kind of shelving they can.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We will be here at least through June 10.

Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response 5/26/13 Update 5

IMG_0400Thanks to all the generous donations, our response has been underway now since last Thursday. We have partnered with Moore Baptist Temple and things are going great.

We have been serving three meals each day out of our mobile kitchen. Many of these meals are being put into to-go containers and then volunteers are taking them out into the areas of destruction. Homeowners, utility workers, volunteers, and many others are benefitting from these great meals.

Today for lunch we served pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans and French fries. These awesome meals help to comfort people as they deal with tragedy.

We have also been sending some volunteers out to help with debris removal and clean up efforts. The pastorIMG_0395 (2) here has some long term goals in mind as well. He would like to build some storage units here on the church property and allow people to store their belongings for free since storage is at a premium right now.

There were at least seven families associated with this one church that lost homes and vehicles. Please pray for them. We still desperately need cash donations and other goods such as laundry detergent.

Meats and produce are also needed for our meal preparations. We will be right here for several more days serving meals and distributing goods to the communities closest to the church.

Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response 5/23/13 Update 4

Our initial team arrived arrived in Moore, Oklahoma yesterday (5-23) at about 12 pm. We were requested to come to Moore Baptist Temple and assist them in their efforts to help families in need.

Our team arrived with our mobile command center, mobile kitchen and another trailer full of enough supplies to serve 3000 meals. We set up our kitchen quickly and had dinner served by 5 pm.

Pastor Larson of Moore Baptist Temple was very grateful for our help. They have been working tirelessly to help as many families as possible. We will continue to prepare and serve three meals per day for the next several days.

We are now ready to have volunteers come and assist in meal preparation and serving. We hope to send meals out to several areas in need each day. Please continue to pray for the great needs here

Here is an updated list of needs!


Aluminum pans 16×9

Metal pans (16×9) 4″ deep
Racks that we put the pans in with the sterno
Peanut oil (lots of it. That’s what we use in the deep fryers)
The other rack for the oven
Family size tea bags
5 gallon round coolers
Serving spoons
Aluminum foil. Large rolls heavy duty
Breakfast foods (eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns)
French fries
Big signs that say “Hot meals served here”
More coolers for keeping food warm
We plan on catering meals to other sites so anything that is used in that process.
To-go containers

Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response 5/22/13 Update 3

We have loaded up and have headed out to Oklahoma! Thank you to all who have donated and supported our disaster relief efforts!

We are still accepting donations and will make several trips if necessary to bring needed supplies to Oklahoma.

We have added a few item to our Needs list, they are as follows:

Current Items Needed:
*Peanut Oil

*Cases of water

*#10 cans of green beans, corn, etc.

*any kind of meats (hamburger, hot dog, etc.)

*Seasonings (salt, pepper, meat seasonings, etc.)



*Pancake mix

* Breakfast food (meats, biscuit mix, etc.)


* Cheese


*snack Cakes

* Coffee/ Tea

* Gallon Jugs of water

These are just a few items that we know of right now. We will update as time goes on of other needed items.

If you would like to make a financial donation CLICK HERE.

Check in frequently for more updates as they come!

Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response 5/21/13 Update 2

Unsheltered International is deploying a team to the Moore, Oklahoma area. We are sending our mobile kitchen unit and will be preparing hot meals for survivors, emergency workers, and volunteers.We will join with a local church or a distribution site to assist. The exact details of our location is unknown at this time. We plan to leave Cullman, AL Wednesday.Financial contributions to fund our efforts can be mailed to Unsheltered International PO Box 2625 Cullman, AL 35056.Make checks payable to Unsheltered International and write disaster response in the memo section.Donations can also be given online at www.unsheltered.org.Communication for general inquiry is best sent to Tara Philyaw, assistant to Travis Sharpe. Her email istara@unsheltered.org.Updates with needs and progress will be posted at www.unsheltered.org as they become known. There is also a Facebook page for Unsheltered International
We have a list of needs started. These are items that we will use in our cooking trailer to prepare meals.If you can donate, please meet us at the Unsheltered Warehouse at Temple Baptist Church around 6pm tonight (5/21/13). We will be loading the trailer at that time.
Current Items Needed:
*Peanut Oil
*Cases of water
*#10 cans of green beans, corn, etc.
*any kind of meats (hamburger, hot dog, etc.)
*Seasonings (salt, pepper, meat seasonings, etc.)
*FlourThese are just a few items that we know of right now. We will update as time goes on of other needed items.
We will not be taking any clothing.
Please help if you can, and pray vigilantly for our relief efforts!


Oklahoma Disaster Relief Response 5/20/13 Update 1

As most have you have heard a giant tornado, a mile wide or more, killed at least 51 people as it tore across parts of Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon, flattening homes, flinging cars through the air and crushing at least two schools packed with children.

Many people remain trapped, even as rescue workers struggle to make their way through debris-clogged streets to the devastated suburbs.

We will be responding to the tornado with disaster relief. We are preparing equipment to go and more than likely leaving out Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

We don’t know exactly where we will be working as of yet so we can’t really make the call as to how we can utilize volunteers. As soon as we know, we will inform you.

Right now we need donations to help us get there and set up. We will be taking our mobile kitchen for meal preparation and serving. You can donate buy clicking here!


Please keep checking in for updates and keep OK in your prayers!