Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Our week in South Dakota has come to an end and we are driving the long miles home.

The revival and clinic went great! In total there were 6 people saved!IMG_1290 4 of which were Indian men. Brother Trivette said, to see a man get saved was definitely an amazing sight, because in their tribe for a man to believe in our God, showed weakness! So, Christ definitely showed himself true for them to step out of His faith!

IMG_7289The first day of the clinic was very successful! The clothing was a huge hit and we were able to give away over 1000 articles of clothing in total!  Mrs. Sherrie Trivette said that most places that bring cloths to them, will dump it in a pile on the ground for the Indians to dig through like animal. So, for our volunteers to have everything folded and separated by sizes was a real treat for our guests! Also, the  income level is so low, and unemployment so high, that these cloths become a source of income when they are able to sell it.

Along with the clothing we were able to give away over 700 meals! IMG_4868Not to mention take home meals and seconds! They really enjoyed the hot meals, and waited eagerly for our final days meal of Spanish rice with beans and chicken & cheese casadilla’s!

IMG_4967250 bibles found new homes with the Indians and 98 glasses were given away to women and men young and old!  This clinic we were able to have a pampering station where the women and little girls were able to get their nails painted, and boy did they love it!

All in all, God truly moved this week! We heard preaching from Brother Kenny Marr,  Brother Billy Sampson and Brother Travis Sharpe and with the 6 people that were saved this week, it was evident that God is working on the Pine Ridge Reservation!

Pastor Trivette and his wife truly have a heart for these people on the reservation, and it radiates from them every time you catch them looking at one of the Indians.

As we were packing up, we decided to leave many of our supplies with the church, because they run basically full out of pocket and reliant on God.  Travis decided it best to leave the church with what we had brought with us. This consisted of over 100 lbs of beef, over 100 pieces of chicken, over 26 #10 can of varies vegetables, and our industrial can opener (if you have ever tried to open a #10 can with a regular can opener, you’ll understand why we gave her the big one). Among other things, every thing that we left meant more to Mrs. Sherrie than she had words for. You could tell that it was an answered prayer as she wept her way into our arms full of thank yous and hugs.

This week our family in Christ grew by 6. Though we hope the impact causes a ripple effect through the reservation and many more will come to know Christ as we do!  We were blessed to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Please continue to pray for the people on the reservation, and for the preacher and his wife.