Questioning your dream

Everyone has dreams. We dream of doing exciting, new things. I  love to dream! But figuring out how to accomplish those dreams is another story.

Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started. Here is what I did to find a starting point.

Try writing your dreams down in the form of a question. Then, write out what you believe the answers are. Your answers are your starting point for moving toward your dreams.


Example: I had a dream to get churches to reach out to the homeless people in their communities. I thought it would be great if every church could be tackling this problem. As a matter of fact, I believe every church should be ready and have an answer for this. It’s a conviction of mine.

So I asked myself this question. What does a church need to get started reaching out to the homeless people in their town?

My answer, they need a plan. So, I developed a four-step plan That churches can implement to know how to minister to the homeless.

Then I asked the question, how will I convey this plan? My answer, create a course I can teach. So I did. (Read about the plan here)

My point is, write out your dreams as questions and answer them. After all, if you have the dream then you should have the answers as well!!