Report on last night’s charity dinner

There was quite a turn out at this year’s charity dinner!  It was held at the Big Red Barn at Riverwood Plantation in Evans Georgia.

The unsheltered team was up early to prepare for the event. Chairs, tables and decorations flying! The event was sure to be a hit! With only a few hiccups in the way, the team seemed to pull together and overcame all obstacles like good team truly should.

Many guests came from far and near to show their support, some old friends and many new. But all with a heart prepared to give! Laughter and fellowship echoed from wall to wall.  While Ginny Rochester blessed us all in song with her beautiful voice!

Three hours seemed to fly by. Though it was late, we were almost disappointed to see the night end and our friends leave. But during clean up, if one thing was certain, we were reminded ever so quietly of our purpose and mission by one girl named Brook.

Brook was actually one of the waitresses who helped cater the party with our board member Howard Dye. She approached many of the team quietly after the event to give one amazing testimony, and simply say thank you.

In just a few minutes, she brought us back several years to a dying life filled with drug addiction, homelessness and shared her grief of when she lost of her children due to her lifestyle. She said she met Howard in the midst of the decaying life, and he directed her to the Garden City Rescue Mission.

This is the homeless mission Travis and his family opened in 2001. It would soon become Brook’s saving grace. There, she found safety, love, Christ, and the opportunity of second chances.

“I didn’t mess my life up over night, and it won’t be fixed over night either.  But as much of me as I put into screwing up, I started to put double of me into fixing it.” She said with tears in her eyes.  “I have a new life now! I have my kids back, I’m clean, and I am about to graduate college.”

“You’re making a difference…” she repeated several times.  As if to remind us just how many “Brooks” we have touched.

People call or write us sometimes, to tell us how our help meant something to them. They thank us, and carry on. But there is just something about a girl, staring at you face to face. Tear swelled eyes, and a quiver in her voice, telling you “… you helped save my life.”

That is the real reminder of just why we do, what we do. It is a tremendous reminder that God can use any one, even this team, from completely different walks of life, to come together and save if any, just one life.

We are grateful for everyone that supports Unsheltered International. It is because of your support, that  we are able to touch the live’s of so many who have just about given up. Last night you gave almost $5000.00, thank you!!

By staff writer: Adrienne Barbee