Resource clinic at Pine Ridge Baptist Church


Report from Monday June, 23

The resource clinic is under way here at Pine Ridge Baptist Church. We have just began to serve lunch.

Spaghetti, green beans, garlic toast is on the menu! We are offering reading glasses, Bibles, haircuts, medical screening, toys, clothing, nail painting, and revival services at night.

Thanks for your prayers, we have a BIG crowd already today!

We will be doing the same thing tomorrow and Wednesday as well. It is such a blessing to work here on the reservation with Ken and Sherry Trivette. They are accomplishing a great work for sure.

The people here seem to hold them in very high regard and that really helps as they preach the gospel and try to win folks to The Lord.

Thanks again for all of your support for this great trip.

Here are the results from Monday

Guests- 183
Meals- 416
Medical screening- 87
Nails- 38
Haircuts- 20
Bibles- 56
Reading glasses- 17
Giveaway bags-15
Clothing- too much to count!


We had a great day on Tuesday! We had more guests than yesterday and everything went very smooth (well, except for the Indian boy who caught a snake and lit a firecracker behind the port-a-jon!)

Myself and Chris Oneil were privileged to preach in the evening service and we had a packed house. Several people came forward for prayer.

Tuesdays meal was BBQ pork, baked beans, corn and bread. Special thanks to Howard Dye for the BBQ, everyone loved it.

After church last night we served tacos and all the trimmings to about 100 volunteers.

Here are Tuesday’s results

Guests- 224
Meals- 325
Medical screening- 85
Nails- 28
Haircuts- 15
Bibles- 47
Reading glasses- 19
Giveaway bags-99
Clothing- too much to count!